Friday, November 5, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love...Find yourself some heroe's...

In yesterdays blog post I said I thought it was important to have heroes...

As an artist I have my favourite sculptors, visual artists and mosaicists.

As a writer I have my favourite New Zealand and international writers and poets.

As a photographer I have my favourites as well.

Do you have your heroes? Who are they? I'd like to know.

I am going to write little features on various favourites or hero's of mine and include some clips as well...

I looked up the definition of hero worship on the net and it contained some surprisingly positive statements about the human need to have someone to look up to.

If you identify with these people it can boost your own performance and help you believe in the power of possibility.

When I was at art school fourteen years ago I wrote a mini thesis about Taranaki assemblage artist Dale Copeland. I interviewed her for quotes  and received an A grade for my efforts.
I am still in contact with Dale these days via email, have been featured on her website and I have  met her  in person when she came to Rotorua a number of years ago.
She is one of life's angels.

When I decided to start a mosaic making business seven years ago I contacted Sonia King, one of America's most famous mosaic artists, after buying her book.

I asked her via the email if she ever ran  mosaic courses in New Zealand. Miraculously, she had a father who lived on the North Shore of Auckland.

The next year she ran a course, which I attended and she signed my book.
The things I learned from her and other heroes accelerated my success allowed me to pass knowledge onto others. 

Today for my creativity fix I went to a French/ Russian art house movie called The Concert. 
The music and cinematography made me want to find out about making a small film and to practise more on my classical guitar,

Creativity Quote of the day:
Music is your own experience, your thoughts, your wisdom. If you don't live it, it won't come out of your horn.
Charlie Parker

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Kirsten Cliff said...

I'm really enjoying your creativity quotes, Janet. A great idea!
My main writing hero is Oriah Mountain Dreamer ( But there are many other writers and poets who have work I love and which inspires me.