Saturday, November 13, 2010

Going on road trips...a great way to feel more creative...

I didn't have time to post yesterday because I went over to Tauranga to their Art and Garden Festival.

 By the time I'd walked around parks, taken shots of roses, eaten a mini banquet at a Turkish Restaurant, attended an art talk by Elizabeth Thompson and  Karl Maughan at the Tauranga Art Gallery and driven an hour home, I was totally exhausted.

My cat who really is my main devotee missed me so much that he left a present in the entrance way to my garden. Such a thoughtful boy.

These are my latest power ratty shots.
 If you are feeling disgusted, just remind yourself that there is often beauty in ugliness...

I lay down on the couch, moaning to my husband that I was so tired I couldn't lift a limb to cook any dinner so he went out and bought a cooked chicken and asparagus.

I crashed under my mohair rug, my cat on my lap with my finger on the TV remote and  fell asleep.

Now I  have to go tidy my studio because the builders will be coming next week and it's still looking like a war zone.

So I will post tonight after a days work and a walk.
Cheers Janet

Creative quote of the day
Snipers are people who undermine your efforts to break unhealthy relationship patterns.
Jody Hayes

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