Saturday, November 20, 2010

Going out to lunch in a cafe... a change of scenery and a view away from my own stove, always gets creative or digestive juices flowing...

Favourite cafe
About as fresh and friendly as it gets for dining in Rotorua, is Capers Epicurian. Situated in Eruera Street, with its giant plate, knife and fork, balanced on the top of the building; you can't miss it.

Good for health food nuts
Because I'm now into healthy  lifestyle choices', which includes no sugar and very little fat, I go to Capers because they have a salad bar that is always exciting and imaginative. I sometimes have a soy latte in a mug, it's  hot, hot, hot.....

Superb if you are a sugar junkie
If you are a sweet toothed person you can dive into their cakes and desserts. Sometimes I go there for a herbal tea just to watch other people eat slabs of cream frosted carrot cake and chocolate and coffee bean mousse.

If I'm lucky I get to listen into their conversations so I can use some of  it in dialogues for my satirical tragi/comedies; the leaves of which  are piling up and harbouring dust mites in my bottom drawer. Torture is tension.

Award winner
If you are coming to Rotorua I would recommend that you drop into Capers. If you are more of an egg sandwich or sausage roll fancier; Ronnies Cafe  in Pukuatua Street, is the place for you.

 I can personally recommend their club sammies, fresh cream doughnuts and rice bubble and honey slice; or at least I could before I embarked on my healthy eating regime.

The best place for pies probably in the North Island is The Golden bakery in Old Taupo Road. Its shelves of  framed  golden pie awards assault you as clearly as the aroma as soon as you drift  in the door.  All day a constant stream of men in blue overalls and steel capped boots draw up out of V8's or  utes for their breakfast, smoko and lunch pastry fixes, their dazed eyes as golden as the egg glazes on the pies.

My husband usually comes home to me for  lunch to vegetable soup or chick pea patties on home made brown bread and betroot, carrot and apple salads and sometimes sugar free fruit muffins.
 Cheers Janet

Daily Creativity Quote
As an artist, its central to be unsatisfied! This isn't greed though it might be appetite.
Lawrence Calcagno

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