Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What's new? Something ugly and scary for a change...

Today I taught four of my art pupils after school, amid the chaos of the wrecked studio roof. We had fun, it was like being in a tent with the bright yellow and red tarpaulin.

They all worked so well, two are doing mosaic mirrors, one a mosaic bird and the other a fish painting. One pupil said to me that it is his goal to cover his bedroom walls with mosaics and paintings so it looks like my gallery.

 That's what I love about children, they are so spontaneous and honest.

The above photo's are no award winners but I thought I'd break with tradition for this one post to show you something ugly. Sometimes there can be beauty in ugliness.

The poplar tree through the studio roof incident has been positive in that I have been able to take time out to pursue my writing and photography.

Creativity quote of the day
The painting has a life of its own. I try to let it come through.
Jackson Pollock

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Lee said...

Hi Janet,
Love your blog, especially those glorious bubbles, and the delicious photo of you at work in what looks like Monet's gardens at Giverny. I had a peek at the damage to the studio - I know you said it was dramatic, but I had no idea! It looks as if a Terminator has dropped in for afternoon tea! Hope the work starts soon, although you look happy working in the garden. So in answer to your question about what I'm doing to be creative today, I've have been working on my third novel (all unpublished as yet but one accepted with a contract pending) and I have been getting some significant writing done. How, you ask, when the weather has been stunning and there is so much weeding to be done in the garden? I saw on the net that it is National Novel Month in the USA. The premise is you write write write, and attempt to produce a novel of 50,000 words in 30 days. I did the maths and it amounts to only 1666 words daily, which sounds almost possible. Since I was already 25,000 words into my novel when November started, I figured I would write only 30,000 words in the month, greatly reducing my target, while still getting my novel (almost) finished. We are now 10 days in and so far I have managed 7500 words. Yes, I know I'm already behind, but I happen to think they are 7500 quality words. No doubt, my friends at Tauranga Writers will murder a few of those babies under critique, but I'm thrilled. I was a little discouraged last week, when I only manged 200 words in a day, but then our friend Jenny mentioned that you had attempted NaNoMo last year and churned out material for a dozen short stories. Inspiration! There are still a few hours left today. I might even make it to my requisite 10,000.
I expect tonight's dinner will be creative too, because there isn;t much in the fridge and with a word target to meet, I'm not inclined to down tools and go shopping....
Love to pop in to visit your blog from time to time, Janet, although I should warn you that I am unreliable: my Christmas card send out is in arrears by nearly four years...
Have a lovely day. Lee