Saturday, December 4, 2010

Creating a series of acrylic on canvas works called Volcanic Cross Sections.

Title: Volcanic  Cross Section 1
Medium: Acrylic paint and silica sand on stretched canvas
Size: 46cm x 46cm
 Investment: $450.00 (NZD) plus postage

Title: Volcanic Cross Section 2
 Medium: Acrylic paint and silica sand on stretched canvas
  Size: 46cms x 46cms
  Investment: $450.00 (NZD) plus postage

 Title: Volcanic  Cross Section 3
 Medium: Paint on stretched canvas
 Size: 46cms x 46cms
 Investment:  $450.00 (NZD) plus post


 Title: Volcanic Cross Section 4
 Medium: Acrylic paint on stretched canvas
 Size: 46cms by 46cms
 Investment: $450.00 (NZD) plus postage

Title: Volcanic Cross Section 5
Medium: Acrylic paint and silica sand on stretched canvas
Size: 46cms by 46cms
 Investment: $450.00 (NZD) plus postage

Explanation of the work
These set of five works belong to an ongoing series that I have been working on for the past fifteen years, concerning the volcanic landscape of  New Zealand.

In this series I have mixed sand and crushed pumice into acrylic paint to create abstracted depictions of the vibrancy and violence that lies beneath the pumice surface of  the volcanic plateau.

Land formations tell stories.
The cross sections make reference to catastrophes like the 1886 Tarawera eruption and the subsequent  burying of the famous Pink and White Terraces.
 It also alludes to the bloodshed between people for ownership of the land.
 The  underground shift and flow of lava,  the spray and steam of  geysers that can suddenly pop up in people's back yards, and  the daily seismic quakes that shift earth gradually and sometimes catastrophically make for a turbulent and  crazed environment.

I was born prematurely in Hastings and bought up in a series of  rural communities during my school years.
After attending Waikato University and leaving afterwards for a years work experience  in Melbourne Australia, I returned to where my parents were running a design and furniture business in Rotorua.
 I gained a full time advertising and features writing  position  with the Rotorua Daily Post and worked there for twelve years.
 After leaving, I studied Visual Art and Design for four years at the Waiariki Institute of Technology.
 For the past ten years I have been full time artist producing paintings and mosaics for exhibitions and teaching a  mixed media painting and mosaic workshops to community and school groups.
 I have been involved with well over thirty group and solo exhibitions throughout New Zealand and my work is represented in private collections New Zealand and overseas.

I am interested in taking up short term residencies to make abstract work about landforms in your community and I am also available to run workshops in this subject.
Enquiries from galleries welcome.
Commissions starting at $500.00 available.
I have a website that I am in the process of updating at

Creative Quote for the Day
All substance is energy in motion. It lives and flows. Money is symbolically a golden, flowing stream of concretised vital energy.
The Magical Work of the Soul.

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