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Kiwi Coffin Club Rotorua, Makers of Fine and Affordable Underground Furniture.

If you would like  to join the coffin club and decorate your own or a family members coffin 

Contact: Ron Email:

Deidre   Email:

07 345 3553,
 027 224 5698
or 07348 2291

Come on Kiwi's, give it a go, make and decorate your own coffin

 if you want to know more about it or to join the group read on...

 Founder of the Coffin Club Katie Williams, says that everyone is welcome.
 She decorated hers for only $20.00
 Katie documents the entire process,  to all people wanting to make their own, giving a photo album and DVD to each person when they finish their coffin to remember the experience.

So have you ever thought you may like to decorate your own coffin? 

Why not give it a go?

This group from Rotorua will show you how.

    For a very affordable price, you can put anything you like on it   and no-one will have the same one as yours.
 You will also have some fun being creative

 You will save money
 You will make new friends
who will end up being like family

Whole families help decorate them.

The coffins cost around $250.00 to build, minimal compared with a standard coffin which is about $3600.

Each coffin has a story behind it.

It is a way for older people to come to terms with death and stay in control right up to the end.

“A lot of older people try and tell their family what they want when they die but are brushed off by their children saying don’t talk about that or you’re not going to die.
This is a way of people making sure that everything will be fine when they go.
If people around New Zealand are wanting to set up their own coffin is the information about how to go about it. 

 The History of the KIWI COFFIN CLUB.
( information supplied by Katie Williams)
It all started at a general meeting of Rotorua University of the Third Age (U3A).   
New groups were needed to encourage fellowship and learning for the members.  
 It was muted by one person that she wanted to build her own Coffin.   
Dead silence!  
 When people had time to ponder the idea, there was a small group that were interested.   
These folk met and a carport at the instigator’s home became the “coffin face”.   
Some could build, some could paint and a retired paper-hanger came to the party.  
 It was rather a long but dedicated making of the first few coffins.  Lots of fun was had and the socialisation was grand.
This was early 2003.  The beginning of a wonderful experience for many folk.
After two years the home front was way too restrictive and the La Grouws came to our aid with the free use of one of their workshops. 
 The group has burgeoned into a close knit, caring fellowship of approx  50 friends.

Early in 2013 they came away from under U3As’s umbrella as the role of U3A was limited to Education and Socialisation. 
The Kiwi Coffin Club emerged with those two aims intact but with a strong wish to help those that cannot afford to have funerals with unlimited costs. 

Each week they meet at the rooms from 8am till about 1.30pm
  with up to  40 people.  
 Some have made and decorated their coffins ages ago. 
  Some are in the middle of their project and some are coming to plan and to do their underground furniture. 

The men in the workshop make three in a day with help as able, from the owner. 
The timber is purchased in bulk and kitsetted.   
Decoration is done by the owner to their own design. 
 It is wonderful to see these wooded boxes made to depict the owner’s life and interests. 
 The help given by the knowledgeable volunteers is wondrous.  Nobody need go it alone.

They share time together and food for morning tea and at lunchtime. 
They have been making small boxes (4 sizes) to use for Foetal deaths from about 22 weeks gestation to full term still births.   
These are lined with delicate fabrics and lace.  
 Each box has a little teddy bear or animal in it.   
These are stored at the Obstetric Unit and offered to the grieving parents at a very distressing time.

The volunteers help with whatever is needed. 
 Lining the coffins, painting, wall papering. 
Transport to take the coffins home for storage is provided by a man with a van.  
 The ladies in the kitchen organise the meal times and appreciate the full plate donations.

   A huge benefit of the Club has been the opportunities of family involvement in the planning of their loved ones wishes at the end of their life.  It has often been a taboo subject and it so good to see it out in the open.

They  have started two groups on Maraes. 
 More have shown interest and hopefully these will get off the ground. 
It has become more difficult for some families to cope with the expenses of a death. 
One couple have joined, as both come from very large families and they want to help with trying to reduce the costs.
SO:   50 wonderful volunteers working side by side and having a great time together.

They are helping many people to prepare their families and themselves to leave this earth with class, showing who they were and with the pride of a life well lived.
This is one awesome group of great Rotorua people.

Contact: Ron Email:

Deidre   Email:

07 345 3553,
 027 224 5698
or 07348 2291

Creative Quote of the day
If you don't have humour, then you may as well nail the coffin lid down now.
Roger Moore


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