Friday, January 28, 2011

Another day at Waiariki Institute of Technology, Rotorua having fun with oil paint.

                                                               Class member for a day

                           One of the pupils bought her  little puppy into class..adorable...

Today was great painting on  Cherie Sayer's course because the oil paint was so smooth and buttery it flowed on beautifully and allowed a lot of blending  When I have finished my mini compositions on canvas  I will take a photo of them and will post  on here so you can see.

It's been so hot here that the acrylic paint is drying so quickly, but I'm not complaining because I love the summer.

My water colour for beginners class is full and I only have about four more people to sign up until  the acrylic techniques class is full .
If you live in Rotorua and are thinking of  coming on it, please go into RAVE and pay your money.

I will be starting up my Monday and Tuesday Mosaic For Beginners Classes soon so will keep you posted.

Creativity quote for the day
Painting picture by picture, I followed the impressions my eye took in at heightened moments. I painted only memories, adding nothing, no details that I did not see. Hence the simplicity of the paintings, their emptiness.

Edvard Munch

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