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Beginners Acrylic Painting and Watercolour Classes startng at Rotorua Arts Village

These are the classes that I am running at Rotorua Arts Village in starting  Monday May 9th and  Tuesday May 10th.
I have been running them now for the at seven years and they are really fun. You can either treat them as exercises or form a series that you can hang up.

Watercolour Classes, for Beginners ( and people who have been on the last course).

Dates: Monday Nights, 9th May – 20th June (6 weeks)
Time: 6pm to 8pm
Class size:10 to 14 people, any age
Where: Studio 2 RAVE, Rotorua

Cost: $130.00 per person plus materials. (Own art materials required, listed below).
 This is a perfect class for people who have never picked up a brush but have always wanted to.
You will learn a variety of easy watercolour painting techniques, which will result in at least four works that can be framed.
· You will have access during the class to Janet’s large range of watercolour painting books and magazines for inspiration.
· You will have fun a class that will let you go with the flow and allow you to appreciate the luminosity of this beautiful medium.

Materials List
Watercolour A4 pad 300gsm (Sheila Turners)
Water colour Paints: red, yellow, burnt sienna, and Payne’s grey, yellow ochre (Sheila Turners)
Plastic plates for palettes (Supermarket)
Large, medium, small, acrylic brushes (Warehouse Stationary or Sheila Turners)
Plastic or glass large jar for water or ice cream containers.
Paper towels (Supermarket)
HB pencil, rubber
What past students have said about this course:
“This exceeded my expectations. I will definitely be enrolling in the future, Thank you.” Allison
“Janet is an inspiring and effervescent tutor.” Joanne
“Excellent experience and platform to learn all the different techniques.” Sue

Book and pay for your course now at RAVE

Contact Janet for queries regarding materials or course content at
(07) 346-3435 or
Rotorua Arts Village  348-9008

Email jkeen@clear.net.nz Web: http://www.jkeen.net/

Blog: http://janetkeen.blogspot.com/

I am also running my after school art classes for children on Monday, Tuesdays and  Wednesdays after school there are spaces left On Monday and Wenesday
Enquire about my Monday and Tuesday morning mosaic and mixed media painting classes  for beginners.

Fun, Fun, Fun.

Beginners Acrylic Painting Classes and for people who have been on the last course (You should have received a list of lessons, if you have lost them give me a call)

Dates: Tuesday Nights, 10th May – 14th June (6 weeks)
Times: 6pm to 8pm

Class size: 10 to14 people, any age

Cost: $130.00 per person, plus materials (listed below).

Where: Studio 2, RAVE, Rotorua

· This is a perfect class for people who have never picked up a brush but have always wanted to.

· You will learn a variety of acrylic painting techniques that will help you produce six paintings on canvas that will make up a series.

· You will have access in class to Janet’s modern collection of acrylic painting books for added inspiration.

· You will be able to explore your creative side, have fun, relax and open your eyes to the power and potential of this versatile medium.

Materials list:
Resene testpots of acrylic: black, white, bright, red, yellow and blue ( Resene, Old Taupo Road)

Six 10 by 10 or 10x12 stretched canvases ( Warehouse Stationary or Ayjays, or the Warehouse)

Gel Medium (Warehouse Stationary)

3 Hogs hair brushes, medium, large, small (AyJays or the Warehouse)

Rubber, HB pencils, Bottle of PVA Glue, Masking tape (Warehouse Stationary)

Acrylic small fine brushes ( Warehouse Stationary)

White plastic plates for palettes ( supermarket)

Paper towels for wiping brushes( supermarket)

Plastic icecream container for water

Optional: Atelier acrylic varnish.( Warehouse Stationary)

What past students have said about this course:

“Wow I have never painted before and had no confidence to try. Now I am painting at home by myself. I am loving it.” Lesley

“I am using a brush! I am painting! Ok so not a Picasso but this course has given me all that I expected. It has been enjoyable.” John

“I enjoyed the camaraderie and the techniques learned.” Karen

Hurry Book and pay for your space now at RAVE ( Rotorua Arts Village)

Queries about the course: Janet at (07) 346-3435 or RAVE 348-9008

Email: jkeen@clear.net.nz

Web: www.jkeen.net Blog: http://janetkeen.blogspot.com

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