Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Art Journal Page 3 with Milliande, Let's Grow...

                                                             Lets grow in 2011

                                                   Creativity Quote of the Day

We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.

                                                          George Bernard Shaw

Ten Reasons to create and Art Journal using prompts from famous art journalers like Milliande.

1. You make things you wouldn't normally think of, it's exciting
2. You feel more committed to your creativity, especially if you have agreed to post your results to an online community
3. You have to arrange your spare time around it, which means you are making time for yourself
4. It stops you procrastinating about your creativity
5. There is a sense of achievement as you look at all your pages that  grow very quickly
6.It makes you feel more hopeful because it can give you an opportunity to express positivity
7. It's a fun way to visualise to materialise
8. You are under a bit of pressure to perform so it's challenging
9. You can learn new techniques which you can pass onto others
10. It can be a very cathartic way of working out challenges in your life.

If you spend at least half an hour writing or making something optimistic the brain gets tricked into feeling happier.

Key into Milliandes site to watch her videos...

You can join in too. This time we had to make a stamp. I made a potato stamp of zebra stripes and put grey paint on it and stamped it repeatedly on my  background.
This is fun . I'd never made a home made  stamp begore. I am going to teach my after school art kids how to do this.

As I mentioned yesterday I am writing a small poem a day ( stones)  about some moment in time. This was suggested by my poet friend Kirsten Cliff.  

I wrote my moments  from a beach adventure .
Yesterday Graham and I went to Maketu which is around 40 minutes drive from Rotorua . We gathered some pipi's (baby clams) from the estuary and
cooked them our little camp cooker and had Pipi sandwiches on home made bread.

             Graham heating up the trusty camp cooker in preparation for a pipi and brown bread feast

Janet supervising the cooking

                                     Yum , Pipi sandwiches on home made ( by Graham) brown bread, Annabel Langbien, eat your heart out.

                                                                    Poetry (stones) plus photos.

Eating Pipi sandwiches at the beach,
a  seagull gives me the eye.

                                          Plenty of people eating Fish and Chips at Maketu
                                                         No wonder the Sea gulls

Pied Oyster catchers
inserting beaks into the sand like orange straws into  banana thick shakes

Additional Creativity Quote of the day

"Sometimes you've got to let everything go- purge yourself . If you are unhappy with anything whatever is bringing you down , get rid of it.  Because you'll find that when you're free, your true creativity comes out".
Tina Turner.

Ps Take a look at one of my favourite art journalers, you will be blown away...

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