Friday, February 18, 2011

Art In the Park Rotorua... Last weekend.

Yes I know it's late but I've been flat out teaching, tidying  and marketing so I have only just had time to process these shots that  I took of Rotorua's annual Art in the Park event which is organised by the Rotorua Arts Village.

I may be making this into an AV when I go to a Tauranga Audio Visual  workshop in March withthe Tauranga Photographic Society.

Maxine Thompson is an award winning realist pastel artist. I went on an animal portrait workshop of hers last year  and managed to  make my cat look so life like (and adorable)  that even he was impressed. Maxine runs Art Classes from the Rotorua Arts Village and is signing up people now...

The Potters at Rotorua Arts Village, very helpful to anyone who wants to join their club.
                      The potters are also running workshops at the  Rotorua Arts Village                                                      

Chris with  a selection of top shots from the  Rotorua Camera Club of which  I am also a member.   I went out to Chris's place early this week and took shots of her with her gorgeous dogs, so watch this space for some of the results. 

Jane Baume makes the most gorgeous silver clay jewellery I have ever seen. She  also runs  silver clay classes and has recently moved to Rotorua from England. We meet around once a month for coffee to talk about art marketing strategies. We have also exhibited together in Kristian Lomath's gallery.

Kristian Lomath with an art buyer. Kristian runs an alternative style  gallery in Eruera Street where he encourages all Rotorua artists of varying experience to exhibit. He is a passionate abstract oil painter and is generous in encouraging other artists to shine.
He is renting wall space for $20.00 a month which is a bargain so if any Rotorua artists want to display their work.... give him a call.
I exhibited in his gallery last year and still have some mosaic crosses in it.


Natascha Hartzuker
is a great artist and talented professional Photographer. She also works at Sheiler Turner Picture Framers in Hinemoa Street, where I buy art supplies and have photo's matted.
She has been really helpful to me with photographic  tips.

Jonathon Baxter Origami Master. Has a huge world famous origami  interactive display at the Rotorua Arts Village.
Runs workshops New Zealand and world- wide.
Was the compere at Art in the Park, has very strong vocal chords.  

Geoffrey Cox.
Famous children's book illustrator.
Realistic portrait artist Exhibitions Designer and  Sculptor.
Has been a very hard working, dedicated Chairman of the Board at Rotorua Arts Village ( also handy with a hammer).

Don't you just love it?.. what a wacky idea, great to see such a  sense of humour and quirkiness.
                                                                       Joyful Elisabeth

I've always had a fascination with dolls I think they are quite powerful and contain magical qualities...

Deans  has his canvases covered.
Pleasure Painters very strong group at Rotorua Arts Village

Groovy Pumice Sculptures

De Flute Glass, exported all around the world. has an amazing glass blowing gallery opposite Skyline Skyrides.

                                                        Ron De Flute relaxing in the heat.

                    Arm Painting

Cliff Lee, Rotorua District Councillor and  member of Rotorua Arts Village Board,
 Long term member of Friends of the Library. Conservationist. Very supportive of the Arts.


Glorious tulips
                                                                    Lovely hat
                                                                           Picture perfect


Adventurous Uni Cyclists
The End

Nb: Not everyone who was at Art in the Park has been included due to my second battery running out . Plus some of the shots didn't make the grade. Didn't some famous photographer quote one in a thousand?
Surely not

Feel free to vote for your favourite and least favourite shot, I'm doing market research.

                                                 Creativity Quote of the Day.

            All I need to make a comedy is a park, a policeman and a pretty girl.

                                                                      Charlie Chaplin



Jacque said...

It looks like so much fun...I wish I could have been there! I love outdoor art shows.......or indoor art shows....or any art shows. So many creative people all in one place.

Anonymous said...

My favourite shot was of Maxine with one of her portraits - she was really comfortable with the camera pointed at her. I also liked the unicycle shots :-)

alice said...

beautiful photos! its great to see the craft fair in action. Also, love the pic with you holding the portrait of the dog and the bath house in the background - very clever composition ;-)