Saturday, February 5, 2011

Waiariki Institute of Technology Introduction to Raku -Fired Ceramics

                                                      Fire with the raku pit.

You put the ceramics into the pit and cover them up with sawdust and dirt. They come out like burned relics.
Very interesting and full of surprises.

2011 I have decided  is the  year to extend my creativity by making a commitment to attend alot of art workshops.

I had heard such good things about Jane Matua's ceramic teaching from many different sources that I made it a goal to be taught by her one day.

You really stretch yourself  by being taught by others.
Each class has its own culture or classroom climate.

Jane Matua is a wonderful tutor.
She is  patient, hardworking, understanding, empathetic and knowledgeable.
I was really pleased to have experienced  five days of ceramic making bliss with her and happy that I had created the beginnings of a small body of work that I want to develop further.

That's what creativity is to me, it's a measure of how far I'm extending myself and having new surprises and epiphanies.

 It's not really about producing masses of art to sell because I get bored with cranking out the same sort of stuff too often and for too long.

 I make my money by teaching and I'm really happy with that because I love teaching.

The part I like best in the ceramic making process is working with my hands in the clay.

It's a magical, relaxing and meditative time;  just you and your mind and soul moulding masterpieces;  or is it moulding masterpieces in your mind if not in time.
There's always a chance to dream...

I realise I like to change what I  am doing; I have a low boredom threshold and like to work thematically across several different mediums.

It's fun to see how my painting can translate to clay.

If I'm not bored; I'm engaged.

It's great...

Shots are coming tomorrow

Creativity Quote of the day
Ceramic objects are some of the oldest human documents we have. Being a potter, I like to make reference to that in art.
~ Patricia Fay

Me placing one of my figures into the raku kiln
Bisque fired figures before the raku. In theis series there were ABC figures with a dog and a hen

Little window tiles that I made which I am going to compile into an assemblage
Tutor Jane at the Raku  kiln 1
Tutor Jane taking ceramics out of the kiln and to the pit, where they will be buried.
Semi Finished Piece call the Spelling Bee on oiled rimu wood.
I will take a better picture when I have finished. I'm planning to elevate the figures with Rimu wood to give them a better balance and sense of height.
 I am also going to olace then differently.


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