Thursday, March 17, 2011

Acrylic Painting Class for beginners produces outstanding results...


Thank you so much to editor  Imogen Crispe of the  Rotorua Weekender  for her page three article about my classes and to photographer Steven Parker  for his great photographs.
The story had people streaming in to sign up.

Here are a few of the shots  of the acrylic painting class work that I managed to capture.
Each of the beginners paintings were started and completed in under two hours using Resene Testpots.
Is that art at the speed of light or what?

  All people produced some really great work, it's hard to believe that most of them had never picked up a brush before.

Lesson 1
 Abstract Expressionism, concentrating on colour mixing, masking tape application,  creating a smooth under painting and brush handling skills.   Incorporating an element of surprise because you don't know what you are going to get at the end.
Using Jackson Pollack's  action paintings as visual examples.


Lesson 2:
Silhouette Paintings using a graphic design brush technique and taking notice of negative and positive space on a flat plain. Using NZ Artist Richard Killeen as a model.

Lesson 3:
Dry Brushing or Scumbling.
Collage materials such as sand, paper, button, coins, leaves, lace etc onto canvas.
Laying down foundation colours and dry brushing different colours on top.

 Lesson 4
Value Painting, trying to include 10 tones from white though to black in one composition, first producing a black to white value scale.
Optional Homework: creating the same painting in colour.



Lesson 5.
Portraits Drawing  from a photo of yourself or  a picture out of a book or magazine. Draw and paint the image  upside down.  Use special recipes for skin tones.

Lesson 6 Landscape.
Design  elements that  help to make a landscape look more 3D aerial perspective, overlapping, colour and scale. Bring a landscape photo from home or use one out of a magazine or book and adapt.


Happy beginner painters, a pleasure to have in the class, top marks everyone.





Pupils Feedback from the course
"You are a ray of sunshine, I haven't met many teachers like you.
You made me feel positive about my artwork," Lois.

"The class has been inspirational and has helped me to get a feel for acrylic paint. 
I am intending to carry on painting, thank you so much." 

 I really got a lot out of the course, it was really good, I am hoping to find time to do some more in the future."

Advanced Pupils work.
 I have four pupils who have been with me for a number of years, completing Parts One Two and Three and beyond.
 We are working towards a series of themed works and exhibiting a selection them near the end of the year.  Three of them entered artworks in Rotorua Artists in 2010.
 It is rewarding to see pupils advance in confidence and skill to exhibit in public places.
It is great to also have pupils who recommend my  watercolour, acrylic and mosaic classes to their friend, co-workers and family.
 I always appreciate referrals and returning customers..




  Feedback from advanced pupils
  "Year after year I  keep coming back because the people are so nice and the classes are such fun."  
"I dabbled at home but when I joined Janet Keen's art classess it was like an explosion  of creativity and so fufilling and fun too...highly reccommended to find your inner artist!"

Creativity Quote of the Day                                                    
There are no limits to what I would do to make my classes exciting, interesting, unpredictable.
Philip Zimbardo

Term two Classes are enrolling now from my home studio.
Places are limited to 8 people
We will be working thematically and you have the option of contributing to regular group exhibitions.

Any questions ring me Janet  on 346 3435.

Or text me at 0273513887 or email

I am happy to answer your queries.


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looks like fun, too bad it's so far away! Great to meet you and let's stay in touch!
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