Friday, April 8, 2011

Tomato and Capsicum Adventure at Mokai

To keep creativity alive it is essential  for me to go on adventures to gain  visual material,
Walking is an added bonus.
Yesterday I went with my artist/walking/adventure buddy April to Mokai which is her marae.
We went for a tour of her husbands work which is a giant tomato and capsicum  growing and packaging business.
Phil gave us a tour and here are the results.
Very impressive operation.

                                                                 Juicy green tomatoes.
Oval tomatoes

                                  Hanging on the vine looking very colourful

So many capsicums, they come in green, orange and red, according to Phil you can get them in all colours of the rainbow but the more unusual colours are reserved for gourmet market.
How wouls you like the look of a blue Capsicum?

                                                            More yellow capsicums
                                                  rows and rows and rows

                                                and rows and rows and rows

                                                                 A sea of glass

                                                                 Clips for training the vines

                                                           Red and green capsicum


                                        People working hard at the packing plant

                                                                 April and her friend..


                                                        Meeting house with trike at Mokai

                                                               Maori carvings

                                       Old church, the area used to be a thiving forstry settlement.

There are a number of beautiful old buildings that are abandoned and slowly decaying, I want to go back and do an abandoned building photo shoot.

                                                      Old red truck
“The man who can't visualize a horse galloping on a tomato is an idiot.”
                          André Breton, French writer. (1896-1966)

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Lyn Rasmussen said...

Oh, those photos make my mouth water. When I was a kid Mum and Dad took us on a picnic to Mokai. I remember the horseshoe-shaped village. We ate bacon-and-egg pie and blackberry tart made by Mum. The grass was long and sweet. Mum made a pencil drawing of one of the falling-down cottages and later, I used the image to make cards. Thanks for evoking these memories, Janet.