Thursday, January 14, 2021

Resene testpot Pop Art Animals with After School Painting Pupils.


This year my focus was on doing animals in Resene paints on 200 by 200 boards. 

Lion by Xav

Rainbow dog by Zav

Pussy Cat by Ioeffe 

Zebra Ioeffe

Unicorn by Ioeffe 

Zebra by Ivy

Portrait by Ivy 


Fox by Eilesh 

Combination of work by Star Pupils 

Children's Painting pop Art Animal Lessons Using Resene Tests Pots Enrolling now for Monday Tuesday and Wednesday School Holidays and After School
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or text 0273513887 for prices and details. 
Small classes maximum attention, safe, organic environment. 
                   Ages 5 to 16 Welcome 

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