Sunday, June 19, 2011

How to make poetry with photographs....a beginners guide....


If  want to do this,  grab a bunch of your favourite photos and print them out. 
Also a pad with paper and a pen.
Pick up one photo at a time. 
Play some peaceful music and keeep some water handy so you can drink to keep your mind alert and fresh
Close your eyes. 
Sit in silence for a minute or two thinking calm peaceful thoughts. 
Open your eyes
Take the photos one at a time and look at them.
What messages come into your mind?
What tastes? 
What smells? What visions? What noises? What memories? 
What intiitive flashes come to you
Quickly grab your  piece of paper and a pen  start writing the any words and thoughts down
 Pick put some words and phrases that you like 
  Keep playimg with the words until they feel right to you
Write them in three lines 
Before you know it you will have written your very first haiku
Too bad if it doesnt make any sense to anyone but you.

Happy creating...
                                                      three doves
                                                      on a phone line
                                                      hanging out to dry

                                                 a fluffy row  of doves
                                                 on a power line                                                       
                                                      cumulous clouds

                                                       after the rain three doves
                                                       on a phone line
                                                       talking about the weather
                                                      three doves
                                                      on a phone line
                                                       neighbours gossiping

                                                     resting on a phone line
                                                     as the sun rises
                                                     three doves gossip

                                                      three doves
                                                      on the phone line
                                                      in a row again
To celebrate National Poetry Day on 22nd July I am having a haiku and photography exhibition from the 18th July to  the 31st August the Rotorua Public Library....
 This is a work in progress
As I  write the haiku I will be adding them to the bottom of my photos, so watch this space.

                                                 at sunrise
                                                pancakes and golden syrup
                                                for breakfast
                                               sunrise spreads
                                               over the sky
                                               he butters my toast

                                              dark weather warning
                                              but first a sunrise spread
                                              for breakfast


                                                         bare trees
                                                         autumn leaves shiver
                                                        for the coming season

                                                        setting sun
                                                        autumn leaves

                                                     in autumn
                                                     some leaves linger
                                                    suna sets on other bare branches

                                                 the mended  angel
                                                  anchors herself
                                               in the afternoon sun

                                                 angel with a broken wing
                                                 resting on an anchor
                                                 in the afternoon sun

                                                                            oak leaves
                                                                           lace the floor
                                                              with a gold and green carpet
                                                                          oak leaves
                                                                        twist and turn
                                                                        autumn breeze
                                                                        light breeze
                                                                     beneath the oak tree
                                                                       pieces of autumn

                                                                  autumn afternoon
                                                                   oak leaves
                                                                 still hold the sunlight


                                                these berries I bring you
                                                still wet
                                                from last nights rain

                                              deadly nightshade
                                             glisten after the thunder storm                                               
                                              remind me of black currents

                                              deadly nightshade
                                              glistening after the thunder
                                               deadly nightshade berries

                                                deadly nightshade berries
                                                still wet
                                                from last nights rain

                                                 looking like back currents
                                                deadly nightshade
                                                after the downpour

 a pair of signets
shaped like a two
                    sitting on dry grass                  

garden fairy
                                                          catches a falling flower                                                                  instead of the sun
offering thanks
for a summers day 
the fairy 

testing the air for
rain drops
the fairy on a summers day

                                                               cottage garden
                                                               a spring flower
                                                               caught by a fairy

                                                               by the desserted frog pond
                                                               a fairy
                                                              catches a flower

                                                apple blossom
                                               ripe with nectar
                                            for an enterprising bee

                                            apple blossom  pollen
                                             hitching a ride
                                            an accommodating bee

                                             accomodating bee
                                             pollen hitching a ride
                                              on apple blossom

                                                            Apple blossom pollen
                                                            on honey bee 
                                                       the hitch hiker catches a ride

                                                             sunday morning bruch
                                                                of  jam and toast
                                                                the tui in the cherry tree

                                                                 Breakfast time
                                                                 the tui
                                                                 beats the alarm clock

                                                            sunday morning
                                                            the bell chimes for church
                                                           tui in a cherry tree

                                                         tui in a cherry tree
                                                         sunday morning
                                                         church bells chime
after the rain
the water recedes
but not on the nasturtian leaf

 after the rain
 pools of jewells
 on the nasturtians

 summer downpour
  a flood forms
 also on a leaf

the rain floods the
and also a leaf

the flood crosses
the road
and also on a leaf

 summer downpour
a star forms
on a leaf

a pool of water shines
at the cross roads
of a nasturtan leaf
 drops of water
stars on green

in a marina
 ripples disintergrate.
reflections of a duck
 a black duck
through  dark ripples
night approaches

among ripples
duck reflection

middle of the marina
a reflection of a duck
in the golden hour
douglas fir trees
the light
perfect shot

douglas fir
lit by the sun
natures christmas trees
 jesus statue with faded peonies
my long- dead Grandmother
springs to mind

mid summer
one statue and a peony rose
at her graveside

jesus statue in a cemetary
my long passed grandmother
springs to mind

lichen grows
on a manhole
where no mower can cut it

no mower
can cut
lichen on a manhole

lichen colonising
 a manhole

  runnng rings
around a manhole
the encroaching lichen

around the manhole
the lichen
runs rings
after the fish and chips
of seagulls
                                                                   gathers for their picnic

picnic of fish and chips
at Maketu
a cloud of seagulls

Seagulls out number
the packet of discarded
fish and chips

after the family picnic
all that remains
is a squarking gull

shortly  after that last chip
has been eaten
the sqwarking seagull

 fallen leaf
the skeleton
clings to a rock wall.

the fallen leaf clings to
a rock face

disintegrating leaf
the skeleton clings to
the stoney ground

On stoney ground
the cherry tree
leaf stuck fast

cherry tree leaf
stuck fast
on stoney ground

cherry tree leaf
leaves its holy reminder

autumn leaf
eaten by a caterpiller

dining out for lunch
caterpillar on a
cherry tree leaf

the last of the autumn leaves

inside a leaf
the  path of a snail
joins the dots

summer night
 dessert dining out
possum in the peach tree
                                                   popular fish lunch
                                                   at a harbourside restaurant
                                                    the Pelican queues as well
                                                       after the fish and chip lunch
                                                        we rest on a park bench
                                                        tummies bulging

                                                                   practising for calf club day
                                                                              two kids

                                                                        two kids


                                                          in the off season
                                                        the lights still sparkle
                                                        in the empty marina

                                                                   boat lovers
                                                                   the light s are always
                                                  shining for you in the marina

                                                  summer spring, winter and autumn
                                                  no matter how many boats
                                                          the lights still sparkle.
                                                             star marina lights
                                                           a mecca for boat lovers
                                                                  in the on season

                                                  rows of boat moorings
                                                     in an empty marina
                                                 the lights still shine brightly

                                                            the recession
                                                 less boats in the marina
                                               the light is still on the water

                                                      our shadows skip
                                                      as we join hands
                                                        on the beach

                                                   hands linked we walk
                                                     along the tidal pools
                                                shadowes skip ahead

seed head
ready to pop 
in summer

christmas lights 

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