Thursday, September 15, 2011

Creativity for the past two months.

Yes I  know I have not been on here posting much lately but it's because I've been really busy creating artwork and mosaics,  contributing towards  and staging exhibitions and going on photographic adventures.

 I took a photographic trip to the Auckland  zoo and caught this baby and mother in a very tender moment.

 Plus organising a photoshoot with a dog lover. Here I am with her dog who was the most gorgeous guy in the world. I wanted to take him home...

My Monday morning mosaic classes have been really fun. I have a group of eclectic people who are just loving the process.
I get just as much fun out of teaching others as doing it myself.
Here are a few of their ungrouted pieces.

Monday and Tuesday morning mosaic classes from 9.30 am to 11.30am.   Beginners, bird, mirror and pot.
Enrolling now.  Ring 3463435 for details.

The kids on my after school art classes are really doing amazing work. I am really pleased with their attitudes and output. We are having an exhibition in the library next month from the  3rd  to the 22nd  of October  so I am gathering up their artwork to display. I will post their exhibition on here for you to see once it's up.

                            Term Three after school art classes for gifted kids enrolling now.

My  Tuesday acrylic painting class of 6 talented ladies are having an exhibition at Essence Cafe in Ngongotaha from the 1st to the 30th of October.
We are then having a 10 by 10 exhibition in the  Rotorua Library from 14th November through to 3rd of December.
We are aiming to have  36 works 10 by 10 inch square artworks on canvas all lined up in a grid.

We are also going on an Art Gallery excursion to Tauranga after the next set of acrylic painting classes which start in two weeks.

I have two spaces available in this so if anyone from Rotorua is interested ring me on 3463435.
Tuesday evenings for 6 weeks 6pm to 8pm
                           Quick Tour of my studio/classroom so you can see where we create...

My desk with the start of eight paintings ready to work on for my illustrated volcanic family series.

 The inspiration board above the students work area which changes periodically, depending on what classes I am teaching.

Wall space with my art and mosaics in it with a couch for relaxing.
The loune area is available for clients to have a break and look through my extensive range of art and mosaic books for inspiration.

Display area plus stereo for listenign to relaxing, inspiring music while we work on our masterpieces.

Closer up

View through the window opposite the couch of the green trees and ferns. This is very relaxing and often native birds land in the trees right outside, so I  feel I'm in the middle of the bush.

Fridge for storing milk and sometimes food,  I offer cups of herbal and normal tea plus home made muffins or cheese and crackers during the break halfway thorough each class.
Storage area, because I deal with so many different media like mosaics, mixed media,  altered art,  water colour and acrylic, I need a lot of storage space.
The minute I throw something out I find I need it so I guess you could say I'm a bit of a hoarder.
It's all under control though because I  know what is in every box.

Creativity quote for the day.

"A creative mess is better than idle tidiness!" Michael J. Fox

Interested in any of these classes? Ring me on 3463435 and I can send you some details.

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