Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Acrylic and Mixed Media Painting Workshops for beginners to advanced for 2012.

Buy a  gift voucher for Christmas for someone special for a  6 week Painting and Mixed Media Art Class
(Plus materials which you will need to buy, materials list supplied when you enrol)
Contact Janet Keen 07 346 3435  or for a handmade mixed media card complete with gift voucher for $130.00

Term One:
Class:  Water colour classes for beginners to experienced
When: Monday Nights  from 13th February to 19th March.
Time: 6pm to 8pm
Where: 374 Clayton Road, Painting and Mosaic studio, Rotorua
Gift Voucher: $130.00 per person (plus materials)

Term One:
Class: Acrylic and Mixed media painting classes for beginners to experienced
When: Tuesday Nights from  14th February to 20th March
Time: 6pm to 8pm
Where: 374 Clayton Road, Painting and Mosaic Studio, Rotorua
Gift Voucher: $130.00 per person (plus materials)

 Other daily classes available. Contact me for a full prospectus.

Plus , plus,  plus if you become a committed student  I organise art exhibitions for you and take you  on art trips to see galleries around the  Bay of Plenty.

                                          Ten By Ten Exhibition  Art Sale
                                              Rotorua Public Library 
                                         From 14th November to 5th December                                    
                                      48 Paintings for sale at only $95.00 each.

Exhibition by  7 of my loyal adult pupils in the Rotorua Public Library from
                 from this years mixed media and acrylic painting classes.

Diversity of work well received by viewing public

                                         There's something for everyone in this exhibition...

                                          Small, light, and so affordable at only $95.00 each

                                                        From Realism to    

                                             Abstract Expressionism, we cover the range

                      This is just a taste so come into the Rotorua Public Library and see for yourself.

Think about buying a work from these talented people or enrolling for an  art class and giving it a go yourself.

Let 2012 be more about you having fun, making new friends and expressing your creativity. 
You will receive 6 finished paintings which you can keep, hang on your wall or give away for presents. 

Creativity Quote of the Day
Every child is an artist, the problem is how to remain one once you grow up Picasso

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