Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Family create fun works of art for beginners in Rotorua, New Zealand.

One of the best things about teaching acrylic painting classes for beginners are the smiles after they have produced their first masterpieces.
The Vail Family, originally form Oregin have a positive attitude towards creativity;  they see  the time spent in my studio as  a chance to relax and have fun, bond and to break away from their  busy lives.

Lesson Number One 
Based on American action painter  Jackson Pollack,  this lesson is about creating a smooth wash, practising colour mixing and using masking tape for sharp or smudgy edges.
 It's all about relaxing and going with the flow of the paint and setting yourself free by drizzling and splattering. 

 No-one knows exactly what their creation  will look like until they rip off the tape.

Past pupils have even sold their first paintings. 

Here's a lightening bolt moment

                                                                   A trio of fireworks
Lesson Number Two
This lesson  is based on NZ Artist Richard Killeen.
 It is a  graphic design style that  is common  in a lot of commercial art. 
The idea is for pupils to achieve a smooth wash on the background with a colour of their choice.
They then need to find a silhouette on the internet of their  favourite symbol, using google image search.  
They cut it out, draw around it and place it in different positions and sizes on the picture plane, taking onto account the interplay of  negative and positive space.
Pupils are then taught a simple brush control technique to achieve a smooth line around their illustrations.
This is harder than you think, especially if you have shaky hands.
Didn't they do well?
I can't see a crooked line in sight. 

Heather and her good luck elephants

Leleyna  and her golden pigs.

             Ron with  his abundant  dollar signs and Julian with  his  dragon and two flying  or is that tumbling  pigs.

Lively works, don't you think?

Lesson Number Three
This lesson is about  using  found objects to create texture and pattern.
Pupils attach sand, paper, string, buttons, glitter and all sorts of  discarded and found objects onto a painted background of their choice with pva glue.
They then have the option of dry brushing contrasting colours over the top of it.

   Lots of movement and rhythm going on here.

Lesson Number Four
Self portrait in black and white.
For this lesson a black and white front on view  is achieved with graduated tones.
The picture  is created by my  fail safe, secret and simple method, (you'll have to attend a class to find out how) to create a recognisable likeness.
Pupils are required to produce at least five values from white to black to create depth and likeness.
                               Julian  decided to do his face a (black) humourous shade, very inventive.

Smiles all around, lovely tones achieved, dazzling teeth

Sparkles and glamour for this beauty

 An almost photographic likeness, the eyes are startling, its hard to believe that this is only Ron's thrid painting. .

              The art class is great, and yes we all enjoy the "break" and you're inspiring us to "be ourselves"! The Vale Family

 They  all did so well with this challenging lesson and were a pleasure to teach. I can already see that Justin has a big thing going with the colour black.

                               We certainly had a lot of laughs.
                                         If you aren't having fun, you're not doing it right. 

Lesson Five and Six to come over the coming weeks, watch this space.

My dream is to be invited over to America  to teach at a mixed media art retreat.
I feel I have come closer to this dream by meeting the Vail family.
I've  made a  vision board about it, now I am waiting with eager anticipation for the dream to materialise,  while always looking out for clues as to which next step to take.

My goal  is also to teach more happy families, so bring it on .
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Creative quotes of the day

Peace begins with a smile
 Mother Teresa.

Every time you smile at someone it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.
Mother Teresa

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