Sunday, November 24, 2013

Garden totem pole bird feeders

I made seven of these for my  Rotorua Daily Post Creativity Column which appears on Saturdays  in the second section fortnightly. 
For those of you who haven't seen it, here is the lesson.
Start by collecting old glass plates and jars. 
Second hand shops are good places. 
Put flat backed marbles on top of the glass items with glue.

 Don't be surprised if you have sliding down challenges. 
This is not an exercise in perfection so if it looks a bit wonky and whimsical,  so much the better. 

 Assemble them up to eight layers high, any higher and you risk them toppling over.

Use a silicon gel type of glue with a gun to assemble them. 
This glue is waterproof and should be ok outside. 
Leave inside  for four days to cure and set before putting outside. 

Try to choose a sheltered out of the wind place for your totem. 
Put them on top of wooden poles concreted into the garden if you are worried about cats. 
The marbles and glass will glitter in the sun

See Pinterest for lots more examples of glass totem poles. They are really an American idea that I have adapted.

A good tutor of mine at art school said if you are going to make something, make it in multiples so they bounce off each other. 
A grouping will be more attrative to the viewer and sell far faster than something on its own. 
It's advice I  have always followed. 

Fill these with bird seed,  honey water or lard and see if you  have  winged  visitors. 
My husband is going to erect some poles to put them on top of out of reach of the cat. 

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