Saturday, May 12, 2012

Photographing Vintage at the Tirau Museum

I went with my photographic mates Diana and Joni  and her two boys to the Tirau Museum last Thursday to take shots of old stuff.
I love the texture of old items and the  patina of age.
Here are some of my favourite shots.

Be warned; if you don't like creepy, crawly , spooky things don't read on...

                                             The Nomad Photographers outside the Tirau  Museum

                               Diana shoots the Tirau museum owner Jeff.

                          Old hut outside the entrance to the Tirau Museum

                        Old door decaying at the back of the Honey House next to the Tirau Museum

                                Old wheel outside the Honey House at the Tirau Museum

                                            Dead, old Tarantula at the Tirau Museum

                                                   Exotic ( dead)  moths at the Tirau Museum

                                        Beautiful Butterflies at the Tirau Museum

                                            Cute, little stuffed bat with glass eyes at the Tirau Museum

               Vintage dolls looking tortured on top of a beautiful hand crafted quilt at the Tirau Museum

                                     Vintage Maid (amputee) with some sort of fan  at the Tirau Museum

                    Dolls  (amputees) close up and georgeous quilt at the Tirau Museum

                                          Bride  and pictures of ancestors at  the Tirau Museum

                                                    Ghost bride at the Tirau Museum

                                    Ghost Maid at the Tirau Museum

              Vintage typography on good old fashioned pine boxes at the Tirau Museum

                                            Old petrol pump, Tirau Museum

                                      Vintage tobacco poster, Tirau Museum

                  Vintage labels and stickers, Tirau Museum

              Vintage cans and poster, Tirau Museum

                                                    Taxidermy section, Tirau Museum

         Old Beehives, Tirau Museum Garden

                                     Fuschia, Tirau Museum Garden

                            Ornamental Grape Leaves, Tirau Museum Garden

                                       Ornamental Grape Leaves 2, Tirau Museum Garden

                                            Ornamental Grape leaf  Tirau museum garden

  Owner of the Tirau Museum Jeff, will give you a quick tour, then leave you to explore all the treasures at your leisure.

There's something for everyone.
You can take your lunch and have a picnic at his tables in his beautiful garden.
The place is great for the whole family.
Price is $5.00 per person or $11.00 per family, any size.
 He also sells honey and walnuts.
Don't forget to sign the visitors book.

 If you go message me and tell me what you thought.
 The guy is a living treasure and a  real artist, he has a deft eye for composition.
When I told him he was an artist he just beamed and said he was off to tell his wife.
It's great to appreciate the creativity in others.

You can find me on facebook under Janet Keen Artist/Teacher.

Creative Quote of the Day.
We are born at a given moment, in a given place and  like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and of the season of which we are born.
Astrology does not lay claim to anything more.
Carl Jung

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