Saturday, May 12, 2012

Haiku workshop with Sandra Simpson at Waikato University in Hamilton

 A couple of weekends ago I went over for a day to Hamilton to attend a workshop on haiku and it was one of the most enjoyable  poetry writing workshops I've  been to in my twenty four year history of attending writing workshops.

The tutor, Sandra Simpson was knowledgable, affirming  and helpful.
She ran a class with  just the right amount of talking and class participation.
She had great notes and the room was well lit and comfortable.
The other 16 or so other Hamilton people who attended were friendly and interesting, at least two of the class members I will  be seeing  again at the up and coming haiku festival in July.

The food  prepared by Nyree Sherlock, course co-ordinator was healthy, tasty and attractive.
The price was excellent, only $65.00 and if Sandra  ran another course  on any sort of writing  I would  attend it.
 I finished the course wanting more and itching to write haiku
 I bought Sandra's haiku book called Breath, Ive read it twice already and will be dipping back into it in the weeks to come..
Here are some photos and I will also sprinkle some haiku on this post, most of which will need to be edited.

Sandra started  her workshop with a history of various prominent Japanese haiku masters.
Matsuo Basho

the old pond
a frog jumps in-
the sound of water

This haiku  illustrates the technique of  comparison.
felling a tree
and gazing at the cut end-
tonights moon.

Mine would be (with  accompanying apple picking shots to follow).

apple picking
the first bite-
 new found friends

apple picking-
the last bite-
long  time friends

apple picking
the earwig bite-
false friends

apple picking
the wasp bite-
competitive friends

half ripe apples-

last years apples
withering on the tree-
neglected friends

apple pie
fresh out of the oven-
close friends

golden  apples
sitting on a mantlepiece
good  clients

toffee apple
sitting on a plate-
the  husband

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