Sunday, July 8, 2012

Wingspan Birds of Prey Trust, Paradise Valley, Rotorua New Zealand

 Portfolio entry  of 10 related photographs  for Southern Institute Advanced  Digital Photographay paper.

Meet Fran at Wingspan . You can get up really close and personal

to some magestic raptors
 and talk to the trainers, (introducing Noel) who really care about these

 endangered birds.

                                     Falcons flying are difficult to capture
but shots of them gulping pieces of rabbit  meat
and sitting on fences scouting for prey
 or perching on shoulders are available for the taking.
                  Whisper  the Morepork is a gentle presence in the aviary and an excellent little surrogate  mother. 

So if you haven't been to Wingspan yet, you should go. 
Take your camera, get photographed with a raptor on your head or shoulders. 
Have a fun day out in the fresh country air. 
Go home and get creative. 

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