Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Where women create a quick studio tour of Janet Keen Mosaic and Painting Studio. .

 Studio wall opposite art tables which changes frequently for inspiration.
 Mirrors next to art tables so that pupils can check out how their artwork is progressing.
With mirrors it is easier to see balance and potential areas for improvement.

 My art area where I create paintings for exhibitions and commissions.

 Sofa, stereo for playing peaceful music while people create, bookcases of art books and reading lights for relaxation, education  and inspiration

 Large window in relaxation area where you can view pongas, ferns , native trees and native birds.

 Storage area for mixed media and mosaic materials.

Tables for making art and conducting mosaic lessons.

Enrolling now for mixed media painting and mosaic beginner and advanced classes for October.
After school art pupils enrolling all the time.
Group school holiday  mosaic programmes available.
The benefits are that the classes are small and selective so that students obtain a lot of attention and help

The main advantage of my after school painting  classes is that my approach is student centred and they love it. I am not standing up infront of them boring them to death with too much art theory.
They are encouraged to get stuck in and play.
Each child makes what they want to make aligned with their interests and I facilitate by helping them with technical  and design advice.

It  is more of a partnership than me telling them what to do sitiuation.
I have lots of examples in books and arround the classroom to stimulate their imagination.

If you or your child want to develop your creativity,   please email me jkeen@clear,.net,nz
Phone 07 3463435.

Creative Quote of the day
Primary reliance on traditional teaching methodologies all too often leads to student boredom and apathy toward learning, accompanied by poor academic performance, greater behavioral problems and an increased drop out rate.
 However, research has demonstrated precisely the opposite regarding student-centered learning.
Kids enjoy school more because they are actively involved in their education, overall test scores improve, and behavioral and dropout problems decline." Richard J. Parker, executive director, Partners in Education USA Today

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