Friday, October 19, 2012

Trip to Tirau and the Te Waihou Walkway - Blue Springs

I went with my inspirational  artist friend April for a  walk last Wednesday.
April makes whimsical wonderful Angel dolls.
Love them and I have one in my studio, protecting everything.

The TeWaihou Springs  is a lost world, secret place nestled in a valley in the middle of a farm. 
 It's not all that well known,  it's on the road to Putaruru coming from Rotorua;  google it and you'll see a map.

 You need go down (Leslie Road)  for around five minutes because it's the back end of the walk that has the most interesting pools.
 I have been there seven times now and already I want to go again.
We've never done the whole walk as it's 90 minute one way and we always seem to run out of time.

It is a magical, spiritual place, the springs are crystal clear and the air smells pure and light.
 Photography is stunning, especially on a sunny day when the sand and weed become like emerald and diamond jewels.
I've never seen colours quite like them except in small parts of Hamurana Springs.

April and I took our sketch pads and sat on large seats beside one of the main pools and doodled.
This meant it was no pressure  to produce anything photorealistic, it was relaxing.
April is one of these perfect artist friends to hang out with and do art with because she is  non competitive, highly inventive,  upbeat, sincere and generous.
She is one of these people you know you will treasure the whole of your life.
Every time we go on adventures together we discover amazing things.

Plenty of trout were jumping, Paradise ducks flying and honking to each other, magpies warbling and wind whispering through the giant Redwoods.

We walked down the boardwalk, (I'm a bit of a boardwalk freak), photographing the pools, the weed, (long tendralls like mermaid hair), the rocks that looked like chiselled faces and back lit native leaves and ferns.

Next we travelled to Tirau and went to the Loose Goose Cafe.
 The food at this cafe is really nice, the coffee great and the people very friendly.

Next we went down to the art co-operative in Tirau called Art on Main and had a look at the photographic exhibition and all the other art.
Lots of people from Rotorua and South Waikato Camera Clubs were represented.
Lovely display. 
My favourite one was this cute hedgehog and Roger Brownlee's  layered landscape print.
I am now on a hedgehog hunt.

The artists manning  the cooperative gallery were great.
They came from Morrinsville.
April and  I are going to take a trip over the Wallace Gallery in Morrinsville and contact  these artists to have a meet up.
One of the artists is a friend on facebook and reads my blog.
 My mission this coming year is to get to know more positive artists who live outside of Rotorua.

 Then we went to Heather Leonard's Art Gallery.
Heather is always  friendly and has been very successful in that gallery for a number of years.
I can see why people buy so much from her.

 Lastly we visited the visitors centre.  Which is a big corrugated sheep and the person there was really chatty and helpful.
The  whole time in Tirau was great, all the people in the shops  were upbeat and customer focused without being pushy or intrusive.
 People in Tirau should be proud of the way they treat their visitors.

After this we were pretty tired so I drove back, dropped April off,  she gave me a miniature  Merry- Go- Round horse that she no longer needed and I  waved her goodbye, came home and started tidying my studio
(it's still a mess), after having a meditation.
I'm going to doodle my horse with an angel riding it.
My next lot of paitings after the ones with the deer are going to be angels on Merry- G- rounds.

Next Wednesday April is coming over to my studio in the morning to do some doodling after we have been on a walk in nature around my block.
This is another secret that not many people know about and takes around 45 minutes.

I have changed my day off to Wednesdays instead of Thursdays so we can go on more arty adventures together.
It is a joint artist date.

Creativity Quote of the day. 
Without leaps of imagination or dreaming , we lose the excitement of possibilities. Dreaming, after all is a form of planning.
Gloria Steinem


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