Saturday, November 17, 2012

Ladies from Tirau Garden Circle come for a garden tour and mosaic demonstration.

I don't have vast numbers of people trecking through my garden for tours.
 It is more like a gentle trickle.

It is enough to keep  me on my toes as far as the weeding and planting goes.
The admission I charge doesn't really cover the amount I pay out to the  person I employ  to help with the weeding on an adhoic basis.
But I figure it's worth it to have everything looking like it's  cooking with gas.

Weeds are so rampant it's really hard to keep on top of them all at this time of the year.

Here are some pictures of the group.
There were supposed to be twenty of them but only twelve came in the end because some of them had to go to a funeral.

They were nice ladies.
Mostly from the Waikato and from what I could tell and lot of them had  gardens of their own. 
They enjoyed the mosaic talk and asked lots of questions plus looked at my large collection of mosaic books.

It was fun. They all left smiling.
 I love public speaking to groups about organic gardening and mosaic making.


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