Monday, November 26, 2012

National Novel Writing Month November.

I'm only four days behind on this because I have been otherwise engaged. 

My husband, Graham, went away on a business trip for Hayes International to Brisbane,  Australia for three days. 
I couldn't go as I was teaching art classes from my home studio. 

I am hardly ever without him. 
We are almost joined at the hip. 
I was dreading it because I thought I would be lonely and wouldn't be able to sleep. 

On the first day I sat at my desk in the studio after tidying it, waiting for my clients to arrive, who were paying for a large mosaic cross. 
I felt weird and disorientated.
 It was like looking onto the future of being husbandless and it wasn't a  nice feeling. 

 I had the urge to fill the space with people and I started thumbing through my phone book working out who I could phone to spend some time with. 
But then I stopped myself and thought;  no just remain centred and have some time by yourself.
Be strong you don't need other people.
 It will be character building and make you a braver  person.

I made some muffins for my clients they weren't that successful but the blueberries in them were fine. 
It was great to be with them, they are lovely spiritual women. 
I  really value their friendship and the way they view the world. 
They are so genuinely giving and also just totally saturated  with faith. 
 I think I'll invite them around for another morning tea, sometime in the future and try to make the muffins better.
 After they left I did some writing and planning. 
Instead of working flat out, I did two guided meditations and read part of a book on developing a positive mental attitude. 

Because Graham works so diligently I always like to make sure I cook creative meals for him every night from different countries so that he has something to look forward to.
They are usually healthy and adventurous. We usually go for a walk around the block into this special council walkway beside a stream that hardly anyone knows about.
At the moment I'm having a bit of an obsession with lamb and beef salads. 
He cooks all the meals on the weekends. 

I thought well, I can just go down to the Indian Star and buy some take aways and that can last me two nights and I can  relax  and write and draw. 

As soon as I walked into the Indian Star, the owner said,
 "Janet I have missed you for so long;  you never come in anymore. It is always Graham that turns up for the takeaways". (He knew my order off by heart). 
 I  am so happy to see you, have a wine on the house. 
I said  thanks so much, but  I don't drink alcohol.
 He said, have a soft drink then, I said  I don't drink anthing with added sugar, how about a free water?
 He laughed and shook his head, not believing that I wouldn't have a glass of wine. 

He certainly knows how to make  regulars who come to his restaurant  feel special.
He has his workers all beautifully decked out in blue shirts and black jackets and bow ties.
The new wall paper he has put in is fab, burgundy and gold.
The place was buzzing.

I recommend anyone who likes Indian to go there.
It's really well made and reasonably priced.
Perfect for families
He gets a triple A for customer service and the food is divine. 

We usually have the Lamb Saghost and aloo gobi, mild.
I haven't had an alcoholic drop for around fourteen years because I find  it makes my stomach ache, my skin itchy and I feel fuzzy in the head.

 Peoplesometimes question me as to why I  don't drink alcohol, the answer is I  really don't like it, I don't like the feeling of hangovers and it's full of sugar. 

But I don't have anything against other people drinking as long as they don't drink to excess and become obnoxious in my company.

When Graham came back he was so pleased to see me.
He said he missed me.

We often play a game called, how high am I rating today? Actually it's my game, he just goes along with it. 
 I usually give him a nine and a half or 10 out of 10. 
 The cat is included and he always gets a ten from both of us.

Graham usually gives me a 9, but this time he gave me a9 and a half to ten.

This leads me to believe in the adage, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Creative quote of the month
Solitude is essentially the discovery and acceptance of our uniqueness.
Lawrence Freeman 

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