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Craft and Art Classes for Children and adults enrolling now

Hearts on a mini stretched canvas $35.00 each plus postage. 

Rotorua Daily Post  Article by Janet Keen

Hearts on a 10cm  by 10 cm canvas using acrylic paint, stamps and scrap booking or other recycled paper  and pva glue.

This easy, peasy lesson can be made by children or adults and they make cool presents and wonderful affirmations for reminding yourself to be grateful.
 In a couple of hours you can make a number of hearts that look amazing and so funky
Go quirky or go romantic, all styles catered for.


Just give them away as thank you gifts or keep them yourself as you own special gift of  self love.
 You'll be happy ether way.

If you don't want to make them  by yourself you can always come to my studio and make some where all the materials are provided.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday  morning craft, art and mosaic classes from 9.30am to 11.30 am.

Children's After School Craft, Art and Mosaic classes from 3.30pm  to 5.00pm for one hour Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Weekend group craft and art classes by arrangement.

Call 07 346-3435


Lesson that appears in the Rotorua Daily Post Saturday 30th March.

If you wait long enough, your creations that seem so rare are bound to catch on and you will see them everywhere.

This is the case with hearts. I’ve been making them for over fifteen years, they are now as common as sparrows and most people seem to love them.

Today I’m going to describe how to make some cute little paper hearts on stretched canvas. You can use bits of wood as well.

If you know a builder or go to a joiners, they usually have lots of pieces of wood that they throw out to the dump that you can make into recycled craft.

Feel free  to use your own favourite colours. Anything goes.

I have put some quirky and weird little ones on there just to cater to all tastes.

They are easy, peasy and won’t be too time consuming and you don’t need too much gear. 


10 cm by 10 cm ( 4 by 4 inches) stretched canvas or blocks of mdf  or pine bits of firewood, cut to size.

Resene or Dulux testpots of acrylic colors of your choice.

Pva glue


Rags/paper towels for clean up.

Scrap booking paper, old book paper, wrapping paper or magazine paper.


Stamps with lettering on it or write your own with a fine black pen.

Black or white stamp pad.

Fine felt tip.


Embellishments like old buttons, coins, butterflies, flowers, skulls etc


Brush a colour of your choice on you canvas or piece of wood.

Paint the sides as well.

Dry off with a hairdryer and repeat.

Stamp some words onto the background with a white or black ink stamp pad, or glue some words on from old magazines or newspapers or write your own.

Cut a heart out of scrapbooking or any other type of paper.  

Glue the paper heart on top of the panted surface.

Cover everything with pva glue to protect it.

Smudge some ink or diluted paint around the edges of the canvas and the heart with your finger so that it looks integrated.

Dry off

Attach some embellishments on top or leave it as it is.

Have a go and good luck, you will be smiling after you have finished and so will the people you give them to.

Next  time I will be showing you how to make sun catchers.

Creative Quite of the Day.

Morning art craft and mosaic classes for adults and children after school, enrolling now.

Weekends for groups by arrangement.

Please enquire  at,  phone 346-3435. text 0273513887 Blog

Janet Keen Mosaic and Painting School, 374 Clayton Road, Rotorua.

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