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Teaching pupils painting and Mosaics

I enjoy teaching people how to be creative.
 I also enjoy reading books about world travel and adventuring and I write articles for newspapers, my blog and magazines about it. 

 I have some great clients and the things they do to be great clients are listed here.
1.They enjoy the process of creating without worrying and stressing about the end result. 
2.They are open to new ideas.
3. They have a sense of fun and adventure with regard to their art. 
4.They are happy with the peace and tranquility they get from switching over to the right brain for a while. 

Mosaics are wonderful things to help teach people to get into this mode.

Here is my longest  client Kyle Burling doing his goldfish painting on stretched canvas.
I've had him since he was eight years old.
He is now twenty and doing a tertiary level Diploma in Visual Arts at the Waiariki Institute of Technology.

Kyle tackles all sorts of paintings and methodically works towards his goals.
He is positive about his results.

Finn is eight about the same age that I started teaching Kyle.
 He's a lovely, focused and sensitive person with a great ability to draw quite accurately and at times humourously. 
 He is very imaginative and tells me some brilliant stories about hauling in sharks and hunting wild pigs, which I have told him he could write down and illustrate.
You are never too young to start writing and publishing your own books.
He is full of confidence in his own ideas and write a very inventive set of ghost jokes in his visual diary.

This is Kyra's first painting with me.
She does work  that I  would describe as Edgy Cute.
 She has her own style and is good at drawing fantasy figures out of her head. She has very clear ideas of how she wishes to express herself. 
 Part of my  role as I see it,  is to empower her on her journey.
Kyra's third painting with me.
 My approach to teaching is to work with each pupils strengths.
We are not always trying to paint beautiful, safe paintings, we are trying to be open and affirming towards the universe and all it has to offer.

I have a lot of imagery available of other artists in books and my work and we negotiate what the pupil wpuld like to do. 
It's really not about me imposing my will onto my clients. 

 Ryan and Cecily  are painting a set of acrylic painting, focusing on animals for their parent's motel.
They are also doing mosaics and Cecily loves doing pretty pictures about Barbie. 

They are very enthusiastic and think I am a kind teacher.

Hanxi and Hanwei are very focused and into achieving well. 
 These three little painting exercises were hearts on mini stretched canvases that they did to celebrate mothers day.

The hearts were cut out of scrapbooking paper that you can buy from places like Spotlight.
 Resene paint was used as a base.
 After this embellishments are put on with glue.
When it's dry you spray clear laquer over the top.

Yuhko has been coming for a number of years and she is really into doing realistic flower and landscape paintings.
 She is a good focused worker and has a natural aptitude with drawing. 

With this client I am working through a book called How to Paint What  you See.
It was the very first book I worked my way through when I started painting in 1986
The lessons are still relevant today.
I lent her the book so she can do homework exercises.
This will help her with accelerated learning.

Valerie owns Cafe De Paris in Hinemoa Street, Rotorua. 
It has free wi-fi and is a favourite with locals and visitors. 
She has lovely cafe food with a French twist and has decorated the walls beautifully with art posters. Who knows, some mosaics may appear on her  Cafe walls.
 She is taking some time out on Monday mornings to be creative.
She is naturally good with her hands and artistic and puts colours together well. 
I love teaching people from other countries and it is my ambition to travel to France

 This pupil has set up her own work space at home and is all set to do some of her own projects.
It's great when pupils get enough confidence up to do their own thing.

Look at this lovely result.

Beginners mosaic class. Fish or bird, mirror or mini picture and pot.
$250.00 for four sessons of two hours.
Materials included.
Or $62.50 per time.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings 9.30am to 11.30am
Ring 346-3435 or  email

Look at these gorgeous results from first time mosaic making pupil  Ann Sullivan.

Quote from Ann Sullivan about the course.
 I have never had much interest in creative activities such
as painting or embroidery or tapestry or ...  . However I
read an article by Janet on mosaic-ing and it sounded most interesting - like doing jigsaw puzzles which I love. It didn't sound too hard and i thought even i could do it. so I read about Janet's 4-week mosaic course on her website and decided to give it a go. I thought at first i might feel awkward as creativity is so not my thing but Janet is down-to-earth, and was so welcoming, friendly, helpful, and encouraging Ii felt comfortable from the start. I have just finished the course and it has been really great, the best thing I've done for a long time. I got to choose, cut out and stick pieces of pretty, brightly coloured glass, beads, and pottery to some plywood bird and butterfly shapes, and to a plant pot. It was just like doing a jigsaw puzzle, but with more mess. The whole experience was absorbing and satisfying. So much so I am going to go out and buy myself a jigsaw and plywood and glue, smash a few plates and cups, and give it a go myself. Ann Sullivan

Beautiful results.
Week One: Glass tiled bird or fish
Week Two: Ceramic Tile mirror or picture
Week Three: Broken crockery  pot.
Week Four: Grout all of them and paint with Resene paints.
$62.50 including materials per week for four week beginners course.

Book now for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday mornings.
9.30am to 11.30am

Creative Quote of the Day

I have come to believe that a great teacher is a great artist and that there are as few as there are any other great artists.
Teaching might even be the greatest of the arts since the medium is the human mind and spirit.
John Steinbeck

Creative art Classes
For all ages and stages, from beginners who have not painted since school days, to watercolourists and oil painters ready to try a new direction.

Loosen up and learn to paint with everything on anything. That’s what mixed media painting is all about.

 Combine different painting and drawing materials and methods.
Have fun experimenting with crayons, oil pastels, pencils, stamps, stencils, gel mediums, fluid acrylics, inks, hard bodied paints, varnishes, reflective and metallic paints, and collage items.

You’ll learn the ins and outs of super duper new art products.
 Never be confused in an art supply shop again!

Explore the magical effects of acrylic paint.
It can slide, drip, splatter, crawl, pool and puddle, shine and sparkle, and veil or reveal.
You’ll be amazed at what you can ‘get away with’ using acrylic paint.
You can cover up your mistakes easy peasy and paint at a galloping pace because it dries quickly.

There’s no right or wrong in this class.
 Share ideas and laughs, give it your best shot and embrace a new hobby to last a lifetime.

$62.50 per two hour session, plus bring your own materials. List supplied. Be prepared to do some play at home.

  • Understand colour and texture ..........Week 1.
  • Discover acrylic’s versatility   .......  Week 2.
  • Create imaginative backgrounds .......Week 3
  • Learn composition and design   ..........  Week 4.
  • Layer paint, and develop surface treatments and special effects                                            ....... Week 5
  • Incorporate collage, digital photographs and other transfer techniques                                    ........  Week 6.

Ring Janet Keen 3463435 to book in for Fridays

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