Thursday, June 20, 2013

Rotorua Vision board Specialist Janet Keen

 Vision Board Making Consultations. 

I have run private vision board sessions for people for the past 6 years. 
They last two  hours and cost $65.00 per person including materials. 
In that time we make a mind map and do a collage, Have a talk about what is the next step and have some fun in my  creative studio.

My friend Lyndsay  is a trained counsellor and she came around and made one this week. 

She did one with me at my place two years ago and she has accomplished practically everything on it 

I have accomplished a lot on mine. 

However the big one, a trip to Italy hasn't happened yet. 
I am waiting with quiet anticipation for a large amount of money to fall out of the sky. 
Someone needs to buy from me a $14,000 mosaic commission and I  would be off. 

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