Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Golden Eggs of Abundance.

Over the past week gestures of abundance have flown towards me like birds out of the blue.


One friend after hearing I’d had lost my voice came over and brought me a new bottle of vitamin C tablets

Another came around for a cup of coffee and brought six free range eggs from her chickens.  My husband who scrambled some for me on toast said he’d never seen yolks so golden.


 Yet another friend met me for lunch and gave me a white and turquoise owl necklace which she found when she was out shopping with her boyfriend.

A stranger turned up and dropped off some cracked, vintage, royal doulton, fine bone china, which I know are going to look amazing smashed up and mosaiced onto hearts and birds.


Physical gifts are great. I feel blessed when they arrive.  But what I really appreciate is the time that people took out of their busy lives to think about me.

I realise how precious time is because I’m always so flat out myself.


 It makes a welcome contrast to the time wasting salesmen who pollute my phone with unwelcome heat pump and life insurance offers, right when I’m in the middle of lying on the couch, being brainwashed by Doctor Phil and Doctor Oz.


I’ve discovered that being struck dumb in front of daytime TV can be good for your physical and mental health. If I could take on board the sage advice that these guru’s dish out, I’d be as slim as a model and as well adjusted as my cat.


Watching wailing American woman exposing their souls to the world about their dysfunctional upbringings, that Dr Phil says have turned them into control freaking, monster mothers, made me feel like ringing up my own mother to thank her for giving birth to me.


Luckily I came to my senses before I could croak into the phone. Instead I made her a watercolour card, with birds travelling around the world, laying eggs in strange places and landing on people.

I also slipped in a lucky dip lotto ticket and a mini illustrated bird book on the importance of having a positive attitude. I’m now visualising that when she wins, she will dish out enough cash for me to fly first class to Italy.



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