Saturday, August 17, 2013

Goose photography.... Never judge a bird by the colour of its beak

 The Geese family outing.

 I have always been a bit scared of the gaggle of geese who live at the Sulphur Point Reserve in Rotorua. 

 But the day I went down to Sulphur Point with some bread and my camera with a friend; they were transformed into loving, gentle persistently interested in food, angels.

    They weren't aggressive at all

              They just made sure they were close

because they had to compete with the gulls for every crumb

 They opened their beeks without honking,  as the gulls 

                     swooped around like fighter pilots

  After eating it was time to have a bath.  
The male goose

  honks at his wife

 and they touch beaks

After a short while they both settled beside me incase I had more bread and preened themselves and each other.
 That orange beak is a great cleaning machine.

It was a peaceful friendly time. 
I felt like I was a part of their family for a while.
 I can't wait until they start to have chicks. 

The ablutions went on for quite a while and you can understand this because there are a lot of white feathers to keep pristine.

                        At the end, with a full stomach of bread and grass to digest, it was time for them to sleep and me to go. 
 I'd run out of bread you see, next time I will take two loaves.

                                  The human family outing

                             This young family, who I met down at Sulphur Point
               told me that they 

               come down three times a week to feed the birds                              with a loaf of cut white sandwich bread.

It is a ritual that started with him and his Dad and he always valued it so that when he had a child, it was one of the first outings he and his partner took her on

She loves the birds he said. 

 of that day at Sulphur Point. 

 People often overlook gulls and pass them off as common. 
Why is it that just because something is plentiful that it is not valued?

  Their wings and flying abilities are something to be celebrated as loudly as their cries for bread. 

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