Saturday, December 7, 2013

Christmas Crafts and an Eco friendly Christmas tree

 Hanwei making a Christmas tree painting 

Hanxi with Christams tree and lollipop

 Finished Christmas tree paintings beside my white, spray painted branch Christmas tree

Girls decorating the Christmas tree

Owl and paua in a Christmas tree 

                     Hanwei and Christmas tree plus owl

           Hanwei with Christmas decorated cross

Behind  hard working, talented, well behaved art pupils are dedicated mothers and fathers and in some cases grandparents.  
These girls have consistently done homework every week in their visual diary to the point that they have a lovely set of children's book illustrations. 

They have an exhibition area in their garage with all of their work and I am going up next week to photograph it. 

                  They are stars
 They are very focused and get on with their work without a lot of prompting. 
They love achieving and being creative. 
They are always a pleasure to have in the class
                 A happy heart for Christmas.

                  A happy cross.

Children's work is sometimes quirky which is good. 
Sometimes children give me great ideas. 
I give them the tools and some guidance and let them fly. 

I love her work. 
I think that she had taken it to another level. 
Well done.

  This is my latest Pupil Anneke who is very proficient and talented  in drawing already. 

We are focusing on developing her painting skills.
 She will be doing a variety of creative lessons which allows her to have fun and relax. 
She comes from a very famous arty family, so she has lots of support.

Look at this gorgeous illustration. 
At the moment I am encouraging her to develop story book characters doing various activities. 
Children's book illustrators are my favourite artists.

 Sarah made this vision board poster for her friend.
 She also made this one about going to Rome for herself
 And this one.
The idea is to hang them where you can see them daily so that you can bring your dream into reality .
I also want to go to Italy and have posters around but need to bring them out again. 

This is Sarah beside my other Christmas tree with her lovely candle holder that she bought me for Christmas. 
I will be sad to see her go as shes leaving for a private school in Hastings. 
She is a really good worker, has attention to detail and has a flair for design.
 I wish her all the best for her future. 
She is so bright I know she will do well at whatever she puts her mind to. 

 Cicely is six and she her favourite colour is pink.  
She comes up with some cool ideas that are very beguiling. 
At the beginning she felt she couldn't do things but now her teacher at school says she is an artist and one of the best in the class. 

 It is lovely to see a child develop this way. 
We have a laugh and some great arty conversations. 
She has started talking about her work so I'll see if I can make a video of her and her brother.
They are so caring and loving towards each other.
They have produced a lot of good art and mosaics this year. 
I am pleased with their progress and so is their Mum.

 Yuhko is a gifted painter and realistic drawer. 
She is quiet and focused and has great attention to detail.
 She loves cats.

 She is always polite, respectful  and considerate and her mother and brother are a real  pleasure to know. 

 In my classes Kyle comes up with his own ideas and colours. 
 There is very little interference from me because I have been teaching him now for twelve years and it's my role to encourage him to be independent, not to spoon feed or do the work for him. 

He is doing well with this
The most important thing to produce a happy and confident person who can function well in society.
 You achieve this by being positive and setting a good example.  
Encouraging rather than critical. 

Children's holiday art and craft classes. 
Come along and make something different that you can hang on your wall. 
Mondays to Wednesdays and Fridays from 9.30am to 5.00 pm.
$25.00 per pupil per hour, including materials. 
If you want to make a mosaic you will need at least three hours. 

Ring 346-3435 or email to book your child in.

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