Saturday, January 11, 2014

Painted and distressed wooden mosaic mirror with Resene testpots. By Janet Keen, Creativity Queen

 Thank you to Resene the helpful people in Rotorua.
 I love Resene testpots and I use them for all my creative  DIY projects which are featured in the Rotorua Daily Post, Saturday fortnightly. 

Helpful assistant in Resene getting me all of the Testpots I needed for the distressed wooden mosaic mirror. 

Wooden Mosaic Mirror for Your Garden by Janet Keen Creativity Queen.
 I made this in a day because I was in a hurry due to Christmas deadlines. 
Don’t be too fussy having everything fitting perfectly. 
This is a rustic, relaxed looking project.

Equipment needed.

 Exterior grade plywood 12cm thick for the base, cut to required size, mine was 50cms wide by 56 cms long.

Another piece around about the same size that you can cut up into squares and rectangles

The squares are 10cms by 10 cms and three rectangles 10cms by 16cms

Mirror of your required size, mine was 30cms by 30cms.

(If you go into Bunnings the timber department will help you sort out the size you need.)

Jigsaw for cutting shapes to size

Resene Quick Dry  waterborne primer (white), small tin

Resene testpot colours of your choice, including white and black and two pots of green.

Parfix Maxi Clear silicon sealant with a dispensing gun

Ice-cream stick

Paper towels

Paint brushes

Ice-cream container with water for washing brushes

Bird, leaf and branch stencils (optional)

Electric sander if you have one with medium grade sandpaper, sandpaper and a block if you don’t

Sponge rubber dabber or piece of sponge


Paper towels for wiping off brushes in between colours

Strong screw eyes and galvanized wire to hang your mirror from the back.

Hook for hanging


Cut all of your shapes to required sizes and test that they all fit around your mirror.

 Undercoat all of your surfaces of your base board with Resene Quick Dry Waterborne Primer
Dry off with hair dryer.

Paint the back and sides of your mirror base a green colour to camouflage in with your garden. 
Dry off with hairdryer between all layers of paint application.

Glue your mirror into place with the Maxi Clear, using ice-cream stick to apply it

 You must use a silicon gel like this because it expands and contracts in the sun outside and it will help the wood not to warp or the mirror to break.
Paint each square or oblong in white testpot colour on the front and sides.

Dry off with hair dryer.

Paint all blocks different colours of your choice 
Dry off
Paint the blocks different colours of your choice

  Sand over the top of the dry paint, which will distress it
 Go around the edges as well.

Some of the white paint will show through, making it look aged.

Glue all of your dry squares in place on your mirror

Apply paint with a sponge dabber in contrasting paint through stencils of your choice.

 I chose different shades of green by adding white or black to the green. 

If you haven’t any stencils go to bird and branch silhouettes on Google Image Search and print some out, cut around them and trace them onto your block.

Freehand it if you can draw

Attach screw eyes and wire to the back.

Hang on a fence or tree to reflect your flowers or vegetation and to make your garden look bigger and more exciting.

I will teach you how from scratch
Price on application. 

Creative Quote of the day

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