Saturday, February 1, 2014

How to be happy

This year I feel absolutely amazing and not in the least bit sad. 
I'm sure this is because I left Rotorua, New Zealand for two weeks to the beautiful heart shaped country of spell binding, Tasmania. 
Everyone there was upbeat, focused, engaged and energised. 
I wanted to bottle that and bring it back with me. 

 Rule number one: Surround yourself with positive people. 

A  piece of that gorgeous country with its pure air, unbelievably soft and caring people and the crystal water that made my skin and hair feel like feathers, are all inside me.
 I need to share more photos of that place while the magic is still in me. 

Rule Number two: Get walking out amongst nature and travel out of your own country as often as you can.

Of course there are forces back here, that could be trying to pull you back down and swallow  you  into the bubbling mud.  
But I am making a pact that this year I'm going to rise above it like steam. I'm over it.
And that means all year. 

Rule number three. If you fall off the horse get immediately  up on top of it and focus on your passion 
  I'm just going to attract decent, supportive, open minded and lovely art and mosaic loving people into my life.
I'm ging to remember to be grateful for what I have and not hanker after what I could have had.

Rule number four: Do a protection spell around yourself  or if you are religious say a prayer every day before you go into a public place. 

Rule number five: Feel empathy for others but don't buy into their games. 
Try to remember if they are in a grumpy mood or if they ignore you it's probably not about you, it's about them. 
If it is about you and they don't tell you what's wrong; it's none of your business. 
Even if they do tell you what's wrong and they want you to alter your behaviour and this doesn't fit with your purpose;  don't buy into it. 
Your place is not to be manipulated.

Rule number six: Speak your truth without being offensive.

Let your light shine so others can  as well. 

Have faith and be proud but not arrogant.
Hiding your light under a bushel, especially if you are a woman, never did anyone any good. 
Be a tall poppy and rejoice and encourage everyone you come across to have a passion for something bigger than themselves. 

Encourage others to have hope. 

Creative Quote of the week 
There is no passion to be found playing small or in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living
Nelson Mandela

If you are married give your husband or wife a kiss and a hug every morning and every night, look into their eyes and say I love and appreciate you. 

If you arent married, hug your cat or dog. 

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Be happy and fly with creativity today, you deserve it.

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