Saturday, February 1, 2014

Step by Step Whimsical Houses, By Janet Keen, Creativity Queen

 Step 1
Cut out house shapes with a jigsaw or handsaw or scroll saw. 

Hint: Raid your husband's wood pile he will never know a few blocks are missing.

Step 2: 
 Sand around all edges and faces of blocks.

Step 3
Coat gesso or Resene Quick Dry undercoat on all surfaces.

Step 4
Give a light sand when dry.

 Step 5
Tear our pages of old books or newspapers. 
Tear into small pieces. 
Step 6
Glue onto blocks, coveringall sides
Dry off with hairdryer. 

Step 8
Water down some undercoat or gesso and paint a light coat over top of newspaper when dry. 

Step 9. 
Dry off with hairdryer.

 Step 10
 Draw on rough guide line of doors and windows.

 Step 11
Use Resene red testpot colours, (two shades) and paint in rooves

Step 12
Get some old  music sheets or some contrasting paper and glue in windows.


Step 13
Get some stickers and stick on

Step 14
Glue on a cross

Step 15
Use a fine line black felt pen and draw around the windows.

Step 16
Spray with matt varnish 

Give one away to someone special or someone random

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