Saturday, May 17, 2014

Graffiti Art in Rotorua with Janet and Jing

Art is all around you and if you just go adventuring and keep an open mind as to what art is and how it speaks to you.
You will be blessed

Jing and I found this place while going on one of our early morning Rotorua walks and we stayed for around an hour photographing it and each other


 The street art  had erupted like a volcano out of the  bones of a  crumbling building

It was a bursting riot of joy and menace.
 I   felt as though I was on a movie set or a stage.
The place was charged with  testosterone and protest. 
Twirling colours reminded me of an 80's disco nightclub I used to visit in Melbourne filled with coloured, spinning lights.
The urge to perform made me feel like some ancient tribal woman making a connection with the earth
 I wanted to bring some music  along and do some dancing with some bubbles.

I  could imagine being a break dancer in a Michael Jackson video  or  a stalking feline in a scene from  Cats

The young artists had created their own version of Plein air painting with spray cans.
The  bush and nearby stream, pocketed with pools of steam seeped into their raw and urgent hyroglyphics

  The concrete was dinosaur skeleton
Jing focused on the joy  of the adventure

Going with different people on a photographic safari is a spiritual experience.
Who you are with influences the photographs on a number of levels.

You open yourself up when you take photos so you capture and absorb the energy of the people and the atmosphere  around you.


If you are open to the muse

 magic happens and you begin

flowering and flowing with the vibe of the vegetation the crumbling decay and the chaos of the space 

The spirits of the people who have created the display dance with you

If you search for them, crosses and totem poles

are everywhere.

They could represent cross roads we face during life's journeys.  

If  we pause, listen and appreciate the present moment the spirits and angels will  speak to us and guiding us towards a life of true bliss

We can  find the key to happiness and love

in places that we wouldn't expect if we just close out eyes, listen to what our minds are telling us  and  taking  some deep breaths.  

Thank you to Jing for making the morning such a special one and for contributing to the photographic adventure.

If you would like to come to my studio to free yourself up and make your own version of graffiti art to take home, call me and we can arrange a time for you to come in for a couple of hours.

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I am being super flexible with times and availability in June so I am running classes on Monday and Tuesday nights and Saturdays as well as my usual Monday, Tuesday , Wednesday and Friday mornings and after school classes.
 This is so that people who are working can have opportunities to be creative.

No class sizes too small or big.
Pay per time for a couple of hours so you can have a taster to see if you like it.

Beginners acrylic painting workshops, 
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Work in a studio with a real  Rotorua artist, be surrounded by vibrant paintings, mosaics and photographs,  with lots of books and a warm cosy atmosphere.
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Diploma in Visual Art and Bachelor of Arts.
 Kind and caring, tailor made lessons.
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Creative Quote of the day

“Every hour you are not going after your passion, making

your dreams a reality or defining your purpose

is an hour you can't get back. Is what you're doing right now,

this day, this moment getting you closer to

where you want to be?
If not, readjust your focus. It's your future. Go get it!” 
 Elizabeth Bourgeret


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