Saturday, June 7, 2014

Nik Software, using it to make your photographs pop.

I love every type of bird, apart from crows but even they are beautiful for the glossiness of their black and turquoise coats.

 Swans are much maligned for their aggressiveness and manure making propensities

But I love the elegance of their necks

and their bright red beaks

I think they can look regal and their voices are like the chimes of a squeaky set of park swings.

They can be aggressive I agree and when they put their heads down like this and swim towards you, it's advisable to move out of their way

Geese also have a reputation of being aggressive because of their ability to extend their wings and come running towards you while hissing.

 But these lovely babies at the lakefront just go about their ablutions not hurting anyone.
They are so fussy about their appearance and the cleanliness of their feathers.
I hang out with them quite regularly and they know me.

I went down to their bathing place and stayed for an hour photographing them. They don't seem to mind. The air coming off them is one of acceptance and gentleness.

I tried an experiment.
 I do this to cattle in paddocks and it always works.
I looked one in the eye and said I love you so much you are beautiful and I blew it a kiss.
It looked up at me and fluttered its eyes like cats do when you talk to them.
 This means that they return your sentiments.
They are very sensitive they can feel how you feel about them and they often respond returning the feelings
I believe we are connected energy wise to all living animals.
It's just a matter of taking time to sit down with them.
Most people are far too busy  or insensitive to notice.

The lake on this day was glassy and even though the skies were overcast it made for  an almost surreal scene, the Nik software helps this.

You can change the tones and the sharpness with it

These scaups are another favourite type of duck of mine.
 They have high pitched peeps and have a cute shape like those yellow floating  rubber duckies you had as a kid.

This is a scene out at lake Okareka which has been heavily manipulated with Nik software to the extent it looks un natural but I like it that way

I love cloud scapes

 and are perfect subjects to experiment with.  I can imagine flying amongst these clouds.

I go up  Mt Ngongotaha to take shots of the mist rolling in during early winter mornings  and take shots of Mt Tarawera, because it's just up the road from me.

Mt Tarawera always manages to look menacing to me as though it's holding in an explosion that can fill our atmosphere with choking ash at any time.

Early mornings are some of the best for the light.

I still have a long way to go before I master all the intricacies of this photo manipulating software, but the important thing is I'm having fun discovering how to make my photos pop.
There are a lot of masters out in cyber space who make online videos to help.

Give it a go and see what happens.

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