Monday, June 2, 2014

Rotorua Lakefront portraits of a young woman and her best friend.

I like photographing  people with their cute dogs.
Normally the Rotorua lakefront isn't a place to find such subjects because it is supposed to be a dog free zone.
But I was fortunate to see this little guy Jack and his mother Jamie Lee  from afar sitting on a bench down from mine.

I just had to ask Jing to go and ask her to come closer for a photo shoot. 
I knew I had to capture this couple because they were so perfect.  

Their love for each other was so evident.
 The little guy was so calm, relaxed and trusting.
I felt like he would want to be with her wherever she went.

This is  the type of dog that I could have.
He is a Highland Terrier and his name is Jack

He wasn't really interested in me, but that was fine because it was lovely to see him so contented and self contained in his bubble of devotion. 

He was beautifully groomed and clean

They were from Auckland visiting for the long weekend.

We talked a lot about him

He was around seven so they had been together in a long relationship

I asked he how hard he was to look after and she said, no trouble, you just take him wherever you want to go

Your life revolves around where you can take him

If I had a dog like that I'd want everywhere to be a dog friendly zone so I could still go to any place I liked

Why not? They are just like people and they get sleepy  too.

It  was a pleasure to meet Jamie Lee and I hope I meet her and Jack again some day.

I took my husband Graham out to Palmers Garden Cafe for lunch and guess who sat next to us? 
Two other adorable dogs called Jeannie and Lulu and their mother Joanne.

The dogs licked me, it felt so soft and lovely.
Aren't they adorable as well? 

Dogs are flying freely to me these days. 
Perhaps the universe is trying to tell me something.

I think if you had a dog by your side you would make a lot of friends quite quickly and easily. 
Dogs break down barriers easily, especially if they are cute and fluffy. 

Creative Quote of the day
The only creatures that are evolved enough to convey pure love are dogs and infants.”
Johnny Depp

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