Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Ever wanted your own Pet White Rat or pet pig?

They are lovely and can be muses for artwork, especially babies, see some piglets from Aria's Farm at the end of this post.  

I have asked adult clients about their thoughts on rats and  most people are saying they don't like them because they spread diseases and are dirty.

But look at this little Alice, she is so sweet and clean and is exceptionally intelligent.

She's so adorable I wish I had one of my own but luckily my pupil Kyryr brings hers to class.

She is a great muse for Kyryr's artwork

She is wonderful at climbing all over her Kyryr, but she is not so uncontrollable that she disappears.

I have posted these pics on facebook and so far they are quite unpopular.

Which is quite surprising that people are not willing to give rats a chance.

Even my editor at the Rotorua Daily Post admits to having an irrational fear of rats.

But this little one is harmless and so photogenic.

And I'm sure she will feature in many more of Kyryr's illustrations in watercolour to come.

I am thinking of seeing whether she can do her own rat footprint paintings by putting boysenberry juice on her paws and letting her run across a  water colour page.
If elephants and cats can paint, so can rats.

Creative Quote of the day
Harry Emerson Fosdick

  My neighbours' pet pig Kiki gave birth to some piglets a few weeks ago

This is the runt of the litter, isn't
 he quite cute?

The others are large, white and black and glossy

Funny how there is always a runt with pigs.
Good things can come in small packages and it's not about being the biggest and best at everything, it's how respectful you are to all living creatures, no matter what order they are born.

 I'd like to have my own pet pig but we don't have room so I feed my neighbours one and talk to her while I'm in the garden and she always grunts back.
Pigs are very intelligent and good communicators, not to mention quite emotional.
 I do not buy supermarket pork because I don't agree with them being locked up in cages with no room to move.
It's cruel.

I like to see pigs free ranging, but I must admit I could never eat a pet pig, so Kikki is probably safe.

Creative Quote of the day

After school art class, making paintings and mosaics of animals enrolling now for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays after school
3.30 to 5.00 for one hour $25.00 per person per hour including top quality materials.
Phone 346-3435


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