Saturday, January 31, 2015

Weta and woolly aphid portraits in the cottage garden of Janet Keen Rotorua from the art of being a lovely photographer series

Many people apart from etymologist's probably look at these guys and shudder
When I saw this Weta crawling in my art studio I did too but I took it and put it on a fern leaf and decided to try to get some  good shots of it with my macro lens
It was remarkably tame and patient with me and I grew to like it

Wooley aphids make most people reach for the spray 

I don't because I'm organic and I believe that they are good food for birds that fly in and my plants are all so healthy they can spare some sap
They are quite beautiful little soft looking creatures when you view them close up

So they are welcome as well as even the ants are that feed off their honey dew. 
An organic garden is a kind, giving natural place where every animal and insect is welcome.

Creative quote of the week 

 “Cultivate clarity, strength, vitality and power from natural,

beautiful and organic living foods.” 
 Bryant McGill, Voice of Reason

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