Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Lake Rotorua and Sulphur Point Photo adventure with Janet Keen and Jing Pan Early morning.

Early morning this lovely lady was taking her little dog for a walk with her friend around the lakefront to Sulphur Point.

Float planes at the lakefront ready for business
This time in the morning the lake is like a Monet painting 

Seagulls at Rotorua lakefront stake out their jetties in the hope that someone will come along and give them breakfast.

Lone seagull flying in
Sunrise against the Manuka

Sulphurous rocks along Sulphur Point

Islands with more seagulls and vegetation glinting in the early morning sun
Gorgeous textures and colours of these volcanic rocks
Pools of hot water mix with fresh water and steam escapes into the early morning air.

The little dog and her owner catches up to us at Sulphur Point. I don't think the point of the exercise is to exercise the dog.

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