Sunday, February 1, 2015

Appreciating plants and bees from the art of being a lovely photographer series by Janet Keen

Granny Bonnet leaves with water droplets after the rain
Sedum head. These plants are succulents and easy to propagate so I have them all around my garden. They form red and pink flowers just before Autumn and the bees love them.   

Bergamont, otherwise known as bee balm 

Fennel Flowers, great honey bee attractors.

Agapanthus, always appreciated by bees in late summer 

It's very difficult 

to get these bees in focus 

they are always fuzzy 

They are so covered in pollen 

You know they are doing a good job 

Chinese or Japanese lanterns or Abulitons are wonderful bee attractors and their displays go right through  to winter 

Lavatera flower long and prolifically and bees want them as well. 

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