Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Creative pupils of Janet Keen Creativity Queen

         Patrick and his lion

Patrick and his truck 

 Patrick and his Lion 

Rya and her cat drawing
 Rya and her cat watercolour painting

Classes are small so pupils have plenty of attention and peace. 
All pupils have their own programme to work towards so that their individuality and creativity is encouraged
We have fun and happy times together. 
Relaxing and being creative is as important for the mind and soul as is working hard at school. 
Creativity can be used in other areas of their lives. 
It's a student centred approach which is empowering for the student 
I suggest examples and they come up with their own programme. There are plenty of examples on the wall for people to be inspired by and plenty of books
Pupils love it because they get to make their own decisions rather than me ordering them around and making them do something that is in my head not theirs. 
It is a collaborative and facilitating  approach and very much in the forefront of teaching practise
Schools are now only just moving more into this approach. 

Spaces available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday after school for an hour. 

Acrylic and mixed media painting
Re-cycled art
Water colour
Children's book illustration
Pen and ink drawing Stamping
Card making

Phone 346-3435 or email jkeen@clear.net.nz to book your child or young adult in. 

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