Monday, May 16, 2016

Six week Journaling journey towards being sugar free and abundant. Day 3.

Illustration 5 
Janet embraces changes in all seasons. 

It's easy to become despondent in winter, but this year I am aiming to stay in the present moment and see what each season has to offer.
 Autumn is a kaliederscope of yellows, oranges and browns which make pretty stimulating photos. 
In the midde of winter I am planning to visit my clients farm in Reporoa and I'm going to take shots of  naked. silver tees in the mist. 
Hopefully  I  will also get some great action  shots of snorting, steaming  cows  on grass, munching hay. 
 Frost back lit on grass with a macro lens presents opportunities  for artistic photos. 

Illustration 6. 
Janet appreciates those closest to her

Graham my husband is my soul mate. 
This means that he tolerates my quirks of which there are many. 
 He always supports my artistic journey and is a whizz on the computer. 
He has saved me from many virus attacks and  technical mal functions. 
He brings me breakfast in bed on the weekends. 
He often has kind words to say about my personality and he is tirelessly loyal.  
He appreciates my cooking and he always feeds the hungry demanding, " Love of my life," cat. 

His chief fault is that he won't let me have a dog because he doesn't like cleaning up dog waste or barking.  
I have to live vicariously through other people's dogs.
So far I  have had 10 dogs visit my studio with their owners and I am looking forward to more. 
 Graham enjoys sailing and chess and is highly intelligent. 
 He was top scholar in the 7th form at Boys High and he's always sorting out engineering problems at his work. 
I appreciate him and I am lucky to have him as an excellent biking companion. 
In a relationship I think it's important to have freedom and a strong sense of yourself and your own goals. 
Being your own life coach is a the name of a good book I have on the subject which helps you to have a balance in all areas of your life. 
Balance promotes happiness. 

So readers, do you sometimes take your significant  others for granted and forget to express your gratitude to them for all the nice things they do for you on a daily basis? 
Try writing a short note of appreciation and slip it under their pillow with a short poem. 

Write to me at with your results. 
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Creative Quote of the Day
 “What’s the difference?” I asked him. “Between the love of your life, and your soulmate?”
“One is a choice, and one is not.”
—Tarryn Fisher

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