Saturday, August 27, 2016

St Mary's Catholic School Rotorua, Haiku, Photography and Art with Room 3, Mrs Nieuwboer to celebrate national Poetry Day on Friday 26th August.

I went to St Mary's Catholic School to run a haiku workshop with Room 3 with Mrs Nieuwboer

I did a demonstration and lesson on what a haiku was and read out some of my haiku with photographs I had taken of nature. 

Mrs Nieuwboer  had also made some preparation  for the lesson by putting examples of children's  and adults haiku on  the white board.  She also cut out the paper to the right size and organised all the art materials. 

The children wrote a bank of words in relation to each photograph that  I handed out to them. Each one was different. 

They then illustrated their 3 lined poem and made a background to look like a stained glass window

Mr MacMillan Principal came and took some shots of the children and posted them online with his new phone. 

This is a  photo of their work in front of the "Lest We Forget" poppy mosaic project I ran  with the school two years ago for Anzac Day . 

Just two of the lovely pupils in Room Three 

I ran out of time to take individual photos of them all. 
Everyone had a great time being creative, reciting their poems, and practising their spelling and hand writing. 

This is the fifth time  I have run this workshop and each time it becomes more developed with various teacher's inputs. 
It is a creative collaboration to celebrate National Poetry Day. 

I write haiku every day and it is my dream to run  workshops in every  primary and intermediate school in Rotorua.
This workshop helps with literacy, handwriting, creativity, introduction to poetry and culture of Japan, confidence.
 It's relaxing, meditative and lots of fun. 
It's an integrated student centred approach to learning and is very helpful to kinesetic and visual learners. 

creating haiku 
with children on a spring day 
daffodils rising
By Janet Keen 

 Schools Phone 346- 3435 
or email 
If you would like to book a haiku workshop with me for your class. 
Prices on application.

If you would like to see the work it is on  display on the orange wall at the back of the Public Library. 

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