Monday, September 26, 2016

Rotorua Art Photography by Janet Keen., Spring cycles and circles.

Yesterday my husband and I  went for a Sunday outing to The Mount, in Tauranga. 

It had been raining for days and I  needed to move away from the house and the sodden garden 
 On the way over we talked about all the different bike rides and walks we are going on this summer. 

We had lunch at a Turkish style restaurant and read magazines while the rain poured down. 
I love Zeytin because of the interior design. 
You feel like you are in another country.

I had bread and dips. 
My husband went into the car while I did a quick trip of all my favourite galleries and dress shops at the Mount. 

I was looking for a navy blue shear top and for art in general. 
I was inspired by all the pastel, shimmering colours in clothes, art and interior decor. 

Rather like all of these. 
Beautiful soft tones of romance and revitalisation 

Finally I found my bunny fur pompom key rings and I bought two from GiftLocker. 
I'm going to order two more. 
I also bought a card by Emma Prill with lovely, lively colours from  Zohar Gallery. 
Mini works using canvas and bright colours. 
An explosion of Spring. 

I saw some amazing artwork from Sante Crombie and from (name coming) 

Both of their styles really spoke to me and  I was relieved because I'd  been to Hamilton a couple of weeks before and saw nothing that uplifted me in the way of art techniques. 

Exploring the world around you is really good for inspiration. 
I would recommend anyone who is wanting to make art or who is doing it to have a look around at what others are doing. 

 Just getting in the car and going travelling is a buzz. 
The countryside between here and Mount Maunganui if you go the back road is full of photo opportunities. 
I love going through Pyes Pa and seeing the glinting sea in the distance and the rise of the Mount. 

 I am inspired by artists on facebook as well. 
Part of the reason why Ipost my creations for all to see is that I like the thought of other people being inspired by my work. 
Making arty photos is so much quicker than making them by hand. 
I am also working out which ones to produce commercially. 

My heart at the moment lies in pushing the boundaries of abstraction. 
I am happiest looking at abstract works because  they make me wonder and i can imagine all sorts of different things with them. 

I like also photographing the backs of people heading into an unknown land because that is where I  would like to be. 
Going on continuous adventures. 
Stopping to write and create art about it.  Then coming back full of creative ideas. 
Making art photos like this allows me to escape for a time and it's a very meditative process. 
I often have circles in my work. 

Creative quotes of the week about circles. 

“Two main categories of people are needed in your circle; those who give you the necessary support to accomplish your dreams and those who become beneficiaries of what you achieve.”
Israelmore Ayivor, Shaping the dream

“There is something particularly special and personal about the circle and how its curves comfortably rule every aspect of our lives.”
Kat Lahr,
Parallelism Of Cyclicality

“Don't let the circle you keep drive your life around in circles.”
Edmond Mbiaka 

Mandala or circle art. 
Come to my studio and learn how to paint, mosaic or collage  circles and mandalas. 
They are powerful symbols and will bring you peace and relaxation. 

Workshops available for individuals or groups. 
Phone 073463435
 Text: 0273513887
Email for prices and availability. 

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