Thursday, September 21, 2017

Glenholme School, Rotorua, Young leaders Classroom number, mosaic project.

 We all had a lovely four days making these creative mosaic classroom numbers. 
The pupils were very hard working, well behaved and a credit to their school, Teachers and Principal.
 Here  are  photos to show how they did.
Twenty Questions.

 Q. What do you think of mosaic making in my studio?

A.  " We loved it".

Q. How often do you need to stretch when you are making mosaics?

A. Every quarter of an hour

Q.  How important is it to focus and concentrate on mosaic making so that you get into a meditative  state while you create a rhythm called Andamento?
A. Essential, if you talk too much you miss the magic of the experience.

Q. How does making mosaics make you feel?
A. "Happy, we wish we could make them every morning".

Q . What did it smell of in the studio to make you feel calm and relaxed? 
A.  "Yes, and the nice music in the background, making art is great for relieving stress and hand and eye co-ordination".

Q. Was it hard to make the mosaics?
A. No but you need to use the right mosaic cutting tools, glue, substrate and grout and Resene paint or else it can fall off.
You also have to focus and apply yourself or the job won't get finished.
Mosaics are time consuming but the result is so lovely.
Q. How do you care for your mosaics and make them last a long time? 
A. Keep them out of the wet and cold, protected under eves because you don't want them to crack in frost.
Q. How important is it to get a professional mosaic artist  to teach you how to mosaic quickly and with minimum of mistakes?
A. Very important because if  you  don't know the right materials to use and the right cutting techniques especially for Rotorua conditions; they won't last very long.
Q. Why is it great for school students to make mosaics in a mosaic  studio and garden?
A. You can get to see all the beautiful creations that are in the studio and garden for inspiration.
 You can look at  books on mosaics and walk around  the sunken  wishing garden that lives beside a fresh spring stream.
Q. How many students can you fit into your studio at a time?  
A. Ten, this gives people room to work around the table and keeps the noise to a minimum.
Q. Do you like teaching school children how to make mosaics?
A. yes I love it. it is one of my favourite things to do because children are so enthusiastic, fresh and full of hope.
I don't have children of my own so  the contact with them keeps me young at heart and I can keep up with current trends.
Q. Why do you recommend  Resene testpot paints to paint around the outside of your mosaics?
A. Because Resene testpots are made of lumbersider with a built in undercoat.
The paint is made for outside conditions.
Resene testpots come in lots of brilliant colours.
Q. How important is it for young people to have opportunities to use their hands in a creative way?
A. Vital. They pick up practical skills and can increase their confidence and competence with  hand eye co-ordination.

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