Thursday, December 7, 2017

Rotorua Photographic Opportunities in my organic Flower garden Lesson 3.

This lesson focused on Macro Photography in shaded light.
 My garden is bursting with bees and life at the moment.

 Exclusive one off  Rhododendron Mandala,  Image for Sale $150.00

Everything is just about out of control.  

Exclusive one off , Fennel Mandala,  Image for sale $150.00

Some of the  the macro tips that I have picked up over the years were revealed in this lesson. 

 Exclusive one off , Foxglove Mandala,  Image for sale $150.00

 It was fun to see that you don't have to travel miles away to find fascinating windows into plants and flowers worlds.

 Exclusive one off Lilly Mandala,  Image for sale $150.00


It was quite bright and prone to whites blowing out  so we did some macro photography in the shade.

Exclusive one off Lilly 2 Mandala  Image for sale $150.00

We didn't have to go far for a cup of coffee afterwards to download the photos for this session as I have my studio all set up for it.

I really like images that are hard to define, images that are abstracted and multi layered. 

During my lessons I tailor make them to your requirements in that I am not expecting you to be a clone of me.

You are given freedom to express yourself.


I give insights and tools that I think will help you and we will see what you come up with.

Students photographs start to take off and have a life of their own, because we are working intuitively and organically.  

 Exclusive one on one or one on two photographic  lessons are on going on a weekly basis so that we gradually develop your skills without overwhelming you.
You'll be flying with creativity in no time.

Investment is  $35.00 per hour each for two hours.
That's only $70.00 per week per person.

Gift Vouchers for Christmas  and Valentines Day available.

Hurry limited places.

Studio: 374 Clayton Road, Rotorua, New Zealand

Phone  073463435
Text 0273513887


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