Friday, February 2, 2018

Palmers for amazing punnets of annuals and vegetables.

I  often go to Palmers for seedlings because they are all very well looked after and healthy.
You could say they feel loved because the people at Palmers are passionate about plants.

 Impatiens,  Palmers, good for shady areas .
I bought some of these for my goldfish pond area.
I love their pop of colour.
They last a long time so are good value with their repeat flowering, especially if you pick off spent blooms.
Petunias, Palmers.
I have some of these in my vege garden.
 I mix flowers with veges to attract the bees and also to make the garden look more attractive.

Marigolds are my number one preference for companion planting in the vege garden.
 They ward off harmful  insects because they do not like the aroma of marigolds.

 Petunias come in an array of almost lolly like colours.
Petunias are a great choice because they repeat flower.
They don't seem to sulk with all this rain we have been blessed with.
The merchandising in the garden section is very inspiring with water features and statues dotted around the area.

 I love angels and I think sculptures in a garden are good for focal points and  add interest and texture.
I have a lot of mosaics in my garden that sparkle along with the flowers.
At the moment I am painting tulips with Resene test pots to dot in amongst the veges and to be a support for peas

 I bought three of these Platycodins at Palmers.
 I loved them for their balloon like flowers.
 They are sitting in amongst the silverbeet, parsley and lettuces in one of the vege gardens.
 They come in pink and purple.
One of my friends came around to see my garden and fell in love with the purple Platycodin and high- tailed it to Palmers to buy one for herself.
 She has it in her conservatory in a pot and it makes a lovely focal point.
 I recommend them for their repeat flowering performances.

Lettuces are my favourite at the moment.
We are having salads out of the garden most nights.
Eating veges out of your own garden taste crunchy and fresh.
You can't beat them.
I just go around my whole garden with some scissors and  chop herbs edible flowers lettuces young silver-beet small courgettes, basil, parsley and beetroot leaves and pile them all into a salad.
Drop some cider vinegar, mustard and garlic, plus olive oil dressing on top and with a can of salmon it's a quick,  nutritious dinner.


Parsley is another herb that I grow  in  my vege garden as it is a great companion plant and helps others to grow.
My garden is organic.
I don't use any pesticides as I am surrounded by beehives from neighbours and I don't want to kill them.

 I have a lot of mosaics in my garden but I have my eye on these angels because I think they are very sweet.

 They go well with water features.
I have a goldfish pond in my garden that my husband made me.
At the moment we have 14 residents.
I want some more because I used to have 23.
 I will be buying them from Wonderworld Aquarium which is down the bottom of my road.

I think someone's cat whisked some away but I have no hard evidence.
Not even a whisker.
I 'm pretty sure it wasn't my  cat Jasper as I have never seen him snooping around fish.

My last cat Gary managed to catch some until I dunked him in the pond and he didn't go near it again.

 This is an utterly beautiful hibiscus from Palmers  that I would love for my garden

And here are some more statues that look so lovely in amongst the plants.
So if you want a quick "Pick me up"  go to Palmers have a look at their lovely shop, water features, flowers and vege seedlings.
Buy something and dig it into your garden.
It is really uplifting to see how rapidly they grow.
When this rain stops I will go around my garden and show you some of the plants in it that I have bought from Palmers.
Creative Quote:
It's been proven by quite a few studies that plants are good for our psychological development. If you green an area, the rate of crime goes down. Torture victims begin to recover when they spend time outside in a garden with flowers. So we need them, in some deep psychological sense, which I don't suppose anybody really understands yet. Jane Goodall 

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