Friday, September 28, 2018

Debating judging at Rotorua Boys High School and Rotorua Girls High.

Winners of the year 13 debate  Boys High with the winning  trophy.

The great Debate between Rotorua Girls  High School and Rotorua Boys High School .

 I judged three debates along with other English teachers last Tuesday night and it was a pretty close race in many of the competitions. 

 This is the fourth time I have judged debates in association with Boys High and every time I do it I learn more and am always surprised by the professional performances of the competitors.

 It is a time of thinking on your feet and intelligent argument, backed up with sound statistics and research along with formidable rebuttal. 
  Half the marks are awarded to presentation of the argument and this is where I really focus.

Good eye contact, pauses, speaking slowly and audibly, having convincing body language and a flair for the dramatic always helps me to decide who wins.

Practise in these areas is crucial so that you can exude confidence.

The topics this year were interesting and engaging.
 Year 9.  Moot  Homework is not beneficial to students.

Year 10.   Moot  NZ needs to have a sugar tax.

Year 11.  Moot Household recycling is a waste of time

Year 12.  Moot Zoos should be banned

Year 13. Moot  Fake news Threatens democracy.
The competition was well run by Rotorua Girls High.
They sent some useful handouts about judging debates before hand, provided a nice supper and gave the judges a lovely present of chocolates and an orchid.

A thoroughly enjoyable event.
It was great to see a lot of parental support and attendances by both principals.
I think having  combined events between the Girls and Boys High schools is healthy.
It teaches  pupils about friendly rivalry and co-operation.

I look forward to further judging opportunities.
It's a great community service to be involved with schools in this way.
It's very inspiring to see all these talented young people being so brave and competent. 

Experiences of public speaking will serve them  well in  their promising futures.

 Public speaking quotes.  
“Healthy debating enforces critical thinking principles - looking at things from the different angles, with increased perspective and less prejudgment.”
Pearl Zhu,
Digital It: 100 Q&as